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When does sibling jealousy kick in?

1 CommentTuesday, 1 April 2014  |  Admin

2 years 8 months Emilia and 5 month old Jessica and both growing fast!

I can not quite believe that Jessica is 5 months old today?! time is drifting away with me and seemingly a lot quicker than when I had Emilia. Talking of Emilia she seems to be developing a NAUGHTY streak! in the past week she has almost sat on Jessica, poured water over her face in the bath and then her general behaviour is naughty (even though at preschool apparently she is a dream) anyone else had a delayed reaction to a new baby/child? She has also regressed pretty much to nothing with the potty training so right now I feel at my wits end with her behaviour and potty training.

Emilia had her first parents morning the other day and we had a glowing report about her (shame it cant be transferred from school to home) she is well ahead, doing things 3-5 years olds do, in so many aspects counting/letters/sign language and is the life and soul of the class apparently. Im so proud of her even if she is a terror!!!

Jessica has commenced weaning (on authority of the doctor and health visitors for her reflux) and seems to be taking to it like a duck to water and LOVING the puree's and baby rice, today even grabbing my hand with the spoon in to her mouth to get it quicker! her sleeping and screaming seem so much better since we started her on the ranitidine, Enfamil milk and now the weaning she seems almost like a different child (we still get bouts of the screaming but not for hours on end like before) so matt and I are really hoping we have turned a corner for her sake and ours!

My first mothers day with 2 little people was lovely I got spoilt with some pampering on the Saturday, a bottle of champagne, flowers and 2 beautiful cards (one made by Emilia at preschool) which bought a little lump into my throat! I feel so lucky when I look at them both.

Why do children have to grow up so fast? why cant they be little forever?!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014  |  10:14

My son loved my daughter when she was born and called her 'bear' I remember smugling thinking he wasnt jealous at all ... ooh how wrong we wer, I hate to say it but 9 years later he's still jealous!! sibling rivalry...:) - hey at least they learn to stick up for themselves quickly!!