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What happens in month 9 during pregnancy

Friday, 5 January 2018  |  Admin


Month 9

Bags packed ready to go…?
Your little one could make an appearance any time now.
About 1-5% of babies arrive on their due date leaving the vast majority coming a little earlier or, if you are unlucky, a little later than expected.
Baby is now fully developed and ready to be born. During these last few weeks of pregnancy your baby is busy putting on a little extra weight to help give him/her energy for labour and those first few days following delivery.
For mums to be, backache, sleepless nights, indigestion and frequent visits to the loo are all common complaints at this stage. It’s also a time of mixed emotion and hormones for you! On one hand you may be feeling a little fed-up and anxious as these last few weeks take their toll but at the same time excited as its not long now until you get to meet your little one!
Whether you’re planning on having a home birth or a hospital birth its useful to pack a bag of things for both you and baby. Your hospital should be able to give you details of what you will need to bring in with you.
A couple of things to bare in mind when you are getting your hospital bag ready:
Energy drinks, dextrose tablets or boiled sweets are fantastic if you are unable to eat when in labour.
If your planning on breastfeeding try and pack nightwear that opens fully at the front so as not to restrict you or baby when breastfeeding.
Oh and don’t forget your hospital notes and your Birth Plan
Continue to keep eating healthily, take regular exercise and motoring your baby's movement any problems or concerns speak with your midwife/GP/hospital