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What happens in month 7 during pregnancy

Friday, 8 January 2021  |  Admin


Month 7: (25-29 weeks)

You are about to enter your third trimester. At your routine 28-week check your midwife will offer you blood tests to check your iron levels and blood group. Maintaining your iron stores are important for you and your baby – helping your baby lay down iron stores for its future, and also to prevent you from becoming anaemic. Iron is contained in green leafy vegetables, red meat and is better absorbed with Vitamin C (citrus fruits).

The regularity of your babies movements will indicate their wellbeing. If movements slow down or have become different in any way, do contact the antenatal ward and they should be happy to assess you.

Being fully informed about options during labour and childbirth can make it a more empowering experience for you and your birth partner. There are lots of ways to gain this information – your local NHS hospital may be providing antenatal classes, and there are lots of credible on-line resources. You might also want to consider a ‘babymoon’, a weekend away with your birthing partner linking essential pregnancy care with pampering – such as Mummy and Little Me Retreats. (temporarily shut)

You might want to start thinking about birth plans - this will enable you to gather information about what choices you might have to make when you are in labour - there will be lots of choices from where you want to deliver (home, hospital?), who you want with you (your partner, your sister, your mum), and what kind of pain relief you want to use (TENS, gas and air, epidurals).  Most choices will be yours to make, but your midwife, obstetrician or GP may advise for and against certain options depending on your circumstances, as above all, the birth of your precious baby needs to be safe for mummy and your little one.