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What happens in month 6 during pregnancy

Monday, 4 January 2021  |  Admin


6mths pregnant? (20-24weeks)

Well that’s the first and second trimester nearly over one more to go! Hopefully you are starting to bloom and feeling your little one wriggle around. Your baby's movements are a really good indication of how happy your baby is. In the ‘old days’ we use to tell you to count your movements and at least 10 movements a day were to be expected.

However, all babies are different. For some babies, 10 movements is quite a lot, for others it's quite reduced. So the advice nowadays is to become familiar with your own baby's pattern of movements. You may have a little one that moves all the time, you may have one that moves at certain times during the day, you may have one that has an active day followed by a quiet day. Whatever pattern of movement your baby chooses then that’s normal for them. As I said, your baby’s movements are a good indication that your baby is happy and growing well but should you notice a change to their pattern of movements, especially a slowing down or if you are worried about them then contact your midwife, GP or hospital and get checked over.


Have you registered for antenatal classes yet? Antenatal classes are very popular and get booked up really quickly, you can get them on-line as well ( during lockdown)  so if it is something you feel you would like to do then start looking in to them now and get your name down. Antenatal classes are a good way to get more informed about your choices during pregnancy birth and those early days with your little one. They are also a great way of meeting other parents and can lead to life long friendships for both you and your baby. Antenatal classes come in all shapes and sizes…. there are classes for couples, mums to be, fathers to be, second time round mums to be, twin pregnancies, teenage pregnancies and I have even heard of classes for grandparents. Many range from a one off 2 hour session to a full 6-8 week course and of course you can also combine them with a relaxing stay at a luxurious spa

Other things to be thinking about at the moment: Get your flu jab/whooping cough jab, the Covid-19 vaccination is only advised for the vulnerable ( Please always seek medical advice as this could have changed)  During pregnancy your immune system is lowered and you are more susceptible to viruses so the department of health is recommending that all pregnant women get vaccinated against flu and whooping cough. You can find out more information on the NHS website www.nhschoices/