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What happens in month 5 during pregnancy

Thursday, 21 January 2021  |  Admin



Month 5  - 16 weeks +     You are  pregnant .... Nearly half way there!

Covid update : Vaccines not being rolled out unless you are vulnerable.

You should be getting into the swing of the pregnancy by now and hopefully feeling a little better if you bumped into a bit of morning sickness at the beginning.

Some mums can even start to feel there little one move at this stage although that tends to be mums who have had babies before.

Nearly all the screening tests are complete although if you are still deciding there is still time to get them done.

Your 20 week scan is around the corner and although the main reason for this scan is to check baby is developing as expected you may be able to find out if its a girl or a boy ...... Or are you going to wait and see?

Your body shape will be starting to change and you may be thinking that you might need some new clothes!

If your like me you could spend a fortune on clothes pregnant or not. Just bare in mind that your only pregnant for another 6 buy maternity clothes that you can wear afterwards as well, clothes that will grow with you and shrink back with you.

If there is one item of clothing that you should not cut corners with it your maternity bras. Your breasts are changing and growing rapidly. Milk can start to be produced from the first trimester and a properly fitted bra will help support this process. Its advised you get your bra size checked every 4-6 weeks. If your thinking of breast feeding you should get fitted for your feeding bras from about 36 weeks pregnant.

Things to do in the coming weeks : have a think about antenatal classes There is a whole range out there from course that prepare you for the birth and life with a new baby to those that help you stay in shape Pilates and yoga. All tend to get booked up quickly so get in early if its something you want to do.