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What do you need for your newborn?

Monday, 14 April 2014  |  Admin

What you really need for a newborn?

I am constantly asking myself this. Fizz’s newborn wardrobe looked like this before she was even born! I have to admit I went a bit overboard and so she had a 0-18 months wardrobe sorted before she arrived. This was the time of the full time wage, before I transferred over to freelancing. So money was a bit easier and I didn't really consider what we really needed those first few months. Needless to say boy bump doesn't actually need a lot since we kept a lot of items quite neutral with Fizz. That hasn't stopped me creating a wish list for things we really need this time so here are 5 of my must have items.

You need baby grows and sleep suits. Fizz lived in these and it is amazing how many you get through.  These Kimono styles are perfect for quick changes and for our little man to look super cute.



Next up are muslins/blankets. Another item that needs to be washed over and over and still look fab. I love these Aden + Anais dream blankets. Perfect for my little monkey. Every baba needs a good quality sleeping bag. An all seasons one is perfect as it does mean you do not have to worry too much about buying all different togs. These are great for safe sleeping too as baby cant wiggle under covers. For those worried about keeping a level temperature for baby then this cute Serenity Star is perfect for keeping baba’s room the right and safe temperature. And lastly there will be dozens of nappy changes. You’ll be worried about your little ones skin and using products on that tiny toosh.

Cheeky wipes are number one on my list for this and for messy faces once weaning starts. In fact these can be used for face, bum, baby, toddler and mum. Perfect for doing you bit for the environment. I will personally be getting 2 sets - one for messy faces and one for the baby change unit. What are you top items to buy for your bump?