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Welcome to Mary Kate and her chocolate muffins

1 CommentWednesday, 6 November 2013  |  Admin

This is my very first blog for mummy and little me so I guess I should start by telling you who I am.. 


My names Mary-Kate and I'm 24, I have an amazing boyfriend who works very hard to look after our little family. I am mummy to a lovely little boy called Oliver who is 4 years old (still can't believe my baby is 4 and at school, it goes so fast) and I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant due 6th March.

When I was pregnant with Oliver I didn't want to know the sex of the baby but this time I really wanted to know. For three reasons; my boyfriend wanted to know, I brought pink stuff for Oliver convinced he was a girl because everyone told me my bump looked like a girl (even had a pink moses basket.. oops!) and most importantly I knew how much Oliver wanted a 'boy baby' so I thought that if I knew it was a girl before she arrived then I could break it to him before hand to let him get used to it and if it was a boy baby then he would be even more excited, he will be 4.5years old when baby arrives and if hes the same as he is now – he will tantrum over anything he doesnt like!

So the time for my 20 week scan came and we found out that baby is a girl! We were both really happy as this is our last baby and one of each is perfect to us. Oliver however, ahh. I thought I'd make sure I had his favourite treat in my bag when I picked him up from school – a chocolate muffin from M&S. I knew we had family around that afternoon and I wanted to tell him first so that he could tell everyone else, I want him to feel really involved because he is such a mummy's boy. So walking home I asked him if he wanted to see the scan of our baby, he did – obviously, at this point he had already been talking to my belly for a while “when you come out I want some ben 10 toys as my present”..(I don't allow him to watch ben 10 yet as hes only 4 but the kids at school like it so I think thats were he's got it from) Then I said we found out that the baby is a girl baby.. waited for a reaction.. he cried, “send her back and change her nappy. I don't want a girl, I wanted a boy baby. Girls are stinky”. After a while of talking to him about it – lucky our walk is 20 minutes back from school.. He still wasnt happy so I said what about a chocolate muffin from your little sister? “OK”.

Then when we got home he told everyone he was having a baby girl sister and since then hes been fine with having a girl baby instead of a boy, thank goodness for chocolate muffins!





Amanda White
Wednesday, 6 November 2013  |  19:56

Loved this!!