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The My Baba website and how it began

Tuesday, 24 September 2013  |  Admin

 Leo who created the fabulous My Baba parenting website tells us how she got started......

When I found out I was pregnant with my first chid, I started madly researching pregnancy and everything that went with it. WIthin a couple of hours, I was in such a muddle, due to the sheer volume of what google had to offer.

As the weeks turned to months, I found that the most useful advice came from family and friends who had already been through it. This is when I started My Baba, which originally began as a simple blog. My aim was to help women with these decisions, to cut through the huge mass of information out there. I remember my mother said to me at the time, motherhood should be a joy, and choosing a pram shouldn't be so stressful.

There are a few aspects of my website, one of which are reviews of products I come across on my daily travels, and also the great collection of experts and other bloggers we're lucky to have writing for us. Specific subjects are tackled in depth, something our readers find particularly interesting. We've more recently started a Mumpreneur section, where inspirational mothers and fathers answer questions that our readers put to them.

I've got two young children and I'm certainly not professing to be an expert on motherhood or babies, but I'm learning each day and I love sharing what's worked for me so far.

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