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The lasting effects of Pregnancy by Lisa Cornwall

2 CommentsTuesday, 10 February 2015  |  Admin

The lasting effects of pregnancy
I had a pretty easy pregnancy with Zach. I started developing my bump around the 19 week mark, and whilst I ended up quite big, I was never huge. The bump was all out front; like a giant football! If you looked at me from behind, it wasn’t obvious that I was pregnant…until I turned around! I remember being in a pub stood at the bar and when I turned around my whole table went ‘oooooo you’re huge’!
I didn’t suffer any morning sickness. I went through a stage of heaving quite a lot but I was never ill with it and mostly just felt fine throughout the whole nine months. There was only one thing that caused me any aggro and that was my bum. I expected some form of backache to appear through pregnancy, I thought it was part and parcel and that I’d be wandering around rubbing my lower back and asking for massages. But oh no, it was this horrendous shooting pain from the top to the bottom of my left butt cheek! It arrived quite early on, before my bump even appeared and it remained throughout the whole of my pregnancy. I decided to do a pregnancy yoga course which was incredible. For two hours once a week, I felt completely relaxed and the exercises helped my bottom problem! Unfortunately, I would wake up the following day and it would be back again.
As the pregnancy went on, it got worse. I tried to keep as active as I could, still going on long walks with the other half at weekends but I did find it a struggle. The wrong kind of step and I was in agony. I remember going on one particularly long walk and wondering how on earth I was going to make it home again. Sitting for long periods became a chore as well which wasn’t great as I had a job that was mainly desk based, but sometimes quite active as well. I couldn’t wait until the baby arrived so I could be rid of this pain.
Zach was born by c-section due to him being breech and so it was a while before I was out and about. When I did start walking again (albeit not far); that blimmin bum pain was still there. I thought (and prayed) to myself that it would go away eventually.
Guess what?
It never really went!
It has got better. I can go for long walks now without it causing me any mischief but if I sit or lay on the floor (which I do a lot with a toddler!); I am in agony and struggle to get up again! I have to flip myself over like you do when you are heavily pregnant and trying to get out of bed in the morning. I probably should get it checked out. It does worry me if I come to have a second baby and already have the issue lying there but I doubt there’s anything they can do for it. I did mention it to my midwives throughout pregnancy but it seemed like such a common complaint that I never really worried about it.
So I have two lasting effects from my pregnancy, two reminders on my body that I gave birth. The lovely scar (which I really do adore), that I have from the c-section and the butt pain which I like a whole lot less!
I used to have three lasting effects but it was a while ago now that I had to stop using the whole mummy tummy excuse. It simply became a cake and biscuit tummy!

Maria Bhatti
Wednesday, 11 February 2015  |  12:05

I am 18 weeks pregnant and I have got this very bad pain somewhere between my back and bum from beginning and matches your description. I really struggle to get up, change sides at night etc. Hot water bottle does help but only for a few hours.My midwife or GP are not taking it seriously but it's killing me. Sometimes it makes my legs work less effective. I hope we could find a cure for it.
I wish you also get rid of it.

Lisa Cornwell
Wednesday, 11 February 2015  |  13:06

Hi Maria,

So sorry to hear you are suffering from this too. I would say to maybe really push your midwives etc regarding this - I do wish I had because throughout pregnancy it is ridiculously painful and uncomfortable. If they aren't taking you seriously maybe ask for a referral or something. I definitely wish I'd have got it checked out. I hope you manage to get it sorted and congratulations on your pregnancy :)