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Teething babies and Sleep deprivation

Thursday, 15 August 2013  |  Admin
Sammy and Peanut try and make sense of sleep deprivation, the problem is nothing makes sense when you haven't slept does it?





Being told on more than one occasion by The Oracle (Mother in Law) that my fiancé didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3 years old didn’t really bode well for me when Peanut was born. I spent longer than I care to remember worrying that sleep was a thing of the past and I’d have to bid a very sad farewell to it when labour kicked in, so naturally, when the chance arose I’d catch 40 winks. Every mother will tell you that those first few weeks when your newborn is just discovering that a scream will get them milk or a cuddle or just attention and stimulation in any way, are the hardest because the lack of sleep leaves you in a nonsensical haze. Nothing sinks in, you remember nothing and nothing makes it all better. Nothing!

The 8 weeks old marker came around very quickly and amongst the stress of whether she’d gained enough weight, am I doing this right? and a nasty, horrible cold caught from an unsuspecting visitor harbouring the dreaded germs, she slept through! Holy crap – why didn’t my baby wake me up? Natural instincts threw me out of bed and towards the crib to see my little girl fast asleep and peacefully enjoying a swaddled morning of snooze therapy. The next few months that followed were amazing and I’d enjoy a lie-in while blissfully unaware that the evil nemesis of every mother was about to rear its violently ugly head. Teeth!

Teething has been the bane of my existence in recent weeks and the reason that poor little Peanut is waking with a squeal at midnight, 2am, 4am and then again at 5am. No wonder she’s ratty as her backside (which is also red raw and sore – oh the joy) and once again this interrupted sleep is taking its toll on equally poor mum. I returned back to work 3 weeks ago which has turned our morning routine into a carefully timed and precise running order but when sleep is missing from the equation everything gets that bit harder. I’ve never been big on coffee or caffeine in general as a means of staying awake so turning to other methods of ‘oh my god, get me some sleep dammit’ has been a search and a chore. But while they can’t help push those nasty molars through they have helped massively. Step one a few weeks ago was the Gro Blackout Blind; if you don’t have one – get one! Your life will be better for it and we’re planning on making full use of it on our first proper family holiday next week. Step two – give the girl something to snuggle. Caitlin has always loved her muslins and has also taken to her comforter in this warmer weather which is fantastic as it’s not as big and doesn’t smother her in the night. Step three – Look after number one when little number two is in bed. We’re not lucky enough to have a bath at home (yes, it’s a nightmare) so a long, steaming hot shower with some delicious bathroom treats is a great way to de-stress, enjoy a bit of me-time. The washing and housework can wait and honestly, it’ll help you to sleep that bit better.

Each time I wake up to a whimper or a full on crying session I remind myself of how lucky I am to A; have a beautiful baby, B: one that sleeps... sometimes and C: three years! Thank god sleeping patterns are not hereditary.