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Tantrums in the supermarket

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{Diary of a stay at home dad}

Week Twenty Four I had the most difficult experience EVER with Poppy this week at my local shops, she was being a little pickle at home so I thought I would take her out with me, to give Mummy and Ruby a break once we arrived at the shops Poppy sat on the floor and wouldn't move, I tried to pick her up, she went all limp then started to run a round, I looked like a security guard trying to take down a thief, I managed to grab hold of her, but then she started screaming saying she wanted her mummy I was trying very hard to conceal my anger looking on at the cue forming up behind me forcing a smile in the process, so I put my little rascal over my shoulder and as I lifted her up she unintentionally kicked me straight in the crown jewels, I felt instantly sick. Ladies you're lucky you will never have to experience this (but then again I won't have to feel the pain of childbirth so I guess we're even) and with a voice like a chipmunk I said thank you to the cashier picked my bags up and carried her home, as I was walking home I thought it can't get much worse than this and then it started to rain .

So I'm fast approaching thirty and getting more nervous as each day passes I was doing fine with the whole turning thirty thing, but something happened this week something big. I found my first grey hair, (the Clooney look is fast approaching) Sarah thought it was a piece of white cotton in my hair, but as she pulled it I shouted loudly ITS ATTACHED then it hit me, turning thirty isn't the end of the world, but it does give you a chance to reflect on your life a little. On the choices you have made and what the future might bring. I will let you know how this is affecting me each week until I turn thirty on December the 11th (Judgement day)

One day when I was walking Ruby home and I found out she will be Mary in the school Christmas play, I was so happy for her, she handed me a sheet of paper with her lines on them and insisted we go home to practice, Ruby is only six and has managed to do better than me already in one of my school plays (snow white and the seven dwarfs) I Naturally landed the role of Dopey which required minimal effort, I just spent half hour walking around aimlessly with a massive shirt on and going cross-eyed. Still I got top marks for effort and the audience seemed to like it, but you get my point On a more serious note I would like to speak about something that not a lot of parents speak about Postnatal depression. My wife suffered from this after Poppy was born and only just coming out the other side now. We often speak about this together and the impact it has had on her life, there were days when she felt very emotional and low for no particular reason. Also blaming herself if she never found the time in the day to clean the house, but most concerning for me was when I saw Sarah had low self-worth and little confidence. I knew then that something wasn't right. (This led to her reaching out and getting help) Some parents suffer from this for years with or without any help and I want to encourage any of you who feel you may be suffering from this, please talk to someone close to you or book an appointment with your doctor. There is help out there and you don't have to be alone. The main reason why we swapped roles in the first place was to help her get through this period in her life and Sarah has done amazingly well since she has been at work. I thought at first it could have made her worse, but a break from the children and more adult interaction was exactly what she needed. Now Sarah comes back from work and can giggle when she hears about my daily troubles with the girls because she has been there too.One of the things Sarah enjoys the most now is seeing how happy they both are to see her when she gets back from work. I know what that feels like too, it feels wonderful. Here's to hoping that grey hair was a one off (I will let you know if I get anymore) Until next week…... 
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013  |  12:01

If anyone else feel they are suffering from post-natal depression follow us on twitter where our in house GP will happily answer a question - or feel free to get it down in writing and we can publish it - you never know it may even help you start to feel better