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Taking children on holiday

Tuesday, 20 May 2014  |  Admin

First Family Holiday and a new Jessica

So we went to Cornwall with 2 friends (about a 4 hour drive) for 5 days/4 nights it was a beautiful cottage, indoor pool, kids play area and a private hot tub!! RESULT!!!!! packed very light taking essentials only.....(getting good at not packing the kitchen sink too like I did with Emilia) set off early on the Friday to ensure we had ample time to miss rush hour and lots of stops?! Stopped at a couple of lovely places on the way down and both girls were AMAZING! happy to entertain themselves in the car and when we stopped both good as gold. 3 out of 4 nights Jessica only had 1 wake up and Emilia was so worn out by all the new things she slept well too. We did so much, trips to little ports and coves, lots of yummy lunches and lots of fun I think we all had a great time. It was made a lot easier to have extra pairs of hands to help with both girls too so a special thanks to our friends who came with us.....even though they didn't get to lie in with Jessica and Emilia.

Jessica's reflux seems to be under control now which is another feat to celebrate!! Had her weighted last week and is now 7.3kgs and well above the 50th percentile!! So from birth on the 9th percentile to over the 50th is really good (patting myself on the back), although came at a cost (having to sit for hours for her to finish ONE bottle) the screaming bouts continue but not for HOURS on end and I think teething is playing a part in her unsettled behaviour at times, she is constantly gnawing on everything and getting through about 5 dribble bibs a day! So with perseverance she seems a million times better to 2 months ago, the Ranitidine, Enfamil and now food seem to of made her a new child!!! My advice to any new mums is if you are unsure and your instincts are saying something is wrong please go to your GP or health visitor and see what they say. Now just to get her sleeping through the night?! I'm guessing that good things come to those who wait?????????????????????