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Storksak Bobby and Poppy

Wednesday, 9 October 2013  | 



When Mel (Melanie Marshall, designer and Director of Storksak) first showed us the Bobby and Poppy, we fell in love. Both bags were just what we needed in the range. We were looking for bags that would incorporate everything Storksak is recognised for, beautiful design and flawless functionality and at only £89 and £95 we also wanted to make sure these were at a price level that would not be out of reach for many of our Mumís.

The quilted design gives these bags a unique look, and with so many bags now on the market it is important our bags continue to stand-alone. I believe one of the ways we are able to accomplish this is by working just as hard on the inside of the bag as on the out. Our design team understand a Mumís needs and endure to interpret this through each bags superior practicality.

These two bags are no exception; the Bobby for example comes with no less than eight organiser compartments. Both of these also come equipped with a FAB (food and bottle) bag, fully insulated and an elastic strap to ensure bottles stay upright - it is no wonder they are currently the office favourites at the minute, the only problem is deciding what colour to go for? We understand some Mumís will use the colour of their pushchair or pram to decide; us on the other hand are using the colour of our winter coats to help us decide.

Everyone knows how hectic having children can be including us and thatís why we work hard to make sure that even though your life might not currently be organised, well at least your bag will be!  We are very  pleased  to be able to stock these bags in the lovely Mummy and Little Me Boutique in Leeds and  on their website 



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