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Spare a thought for your pregnant friends in the summer heat

Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  Admin



Dealing with the heat when you are pregnant…..It’s not easy

Us Brits are not very used to the good weather are we – so when some comes along we all go a bit crazy for a few days, dust of the BBQ, find the skimpy shorts ( then get disappointed when we realise we have gone up a size in the last year ) . We socialise more, spend more time outside and generally feel a little happier – the sunshine brings out our smile…….however if you know someone that is pregnant then spare a thought for them, one of our bloggers recently said it was like having an in built radiator inside them – oh they are so right. For any of you men reading this or woman who haven’t got children it’s very hard to have empathy for someone that is pregnant if you haven’t experienced it yourself first hand…

Lets imagine for a minute you are pregnant, the sun is boiling you have the day off work and the world is your oyster.
Firstly you have to understand, you can no longer raid your shorts and skimpy t-shirt draw as they probably cannot realistically fit you anymore – even at the early stages when you put them on you still somehow feel a little fat. …. Ok well lets consider what is next – ah yes that’s right you can lounge around in the sun and get a lovely tan ! WRONG – no the official advice is that you stay out of the sun and don’t work on your tan girls sorry, as some studies have suggested there could be a possible link between exposure to UV rays and mums-to-be not having enough folic acid in their bodies. This is because folic acid can be broken down by UV rays. Folic acid is needed to protect your baby from developing diseases such as spina bifida.

Ok well then maybe I could down to the local riverside pub and have a nice cool long pimms – wrong again!

Your ankles looking like pig trotters ( another quote from one of our bloggers) really is the least of your worries…. So if you have someone near you that is expecting, offer them a nice glass of cold water and maybe pay for them to have a pregnancy massage as they really do deserve a treat! Trust us it’s tough – we know 

So lovely ladies if you are struggling in the heat with your lovely big bumps, we are thinking of you and working on 10 tips on how to keep cool if you are pregnant – it will be live tomorrow and hopefully will be of some help to you.

Love mummy and little me