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Sleepless nights during pregnancy

Thursday, 15 August 2013  |  Admin

At only 26 weeks pregnant I am really struggling with sleeping. I swear the baby actually got annoyed with the position I was attempting to sleep in the other night by kicking and punching me until I moved out of the position to a more comfortable one for her.......such a diva girl already!!!!! I seem to be really struggling with actually getting to sleep and spend the best part for an hour or so trying to work out how to sleep. I have a maternity support pillow but having that in the bed as well as a husband doesn't leave for much room. Any tips for trying to sleep in the 3rd trimester??


I am also getting fed up with the constant barrage of "oh gosh your big for 6 months aren't you"........ "how much longer are you going to be working for?" (I work part time as a waitress in the evenings.....and enjoy my job for the simple fact of getting to interact with adults when I have been entertaining a toddler all day). Everyone seems to have an opinion on my size, how big the baby is going to be and its beginning to grate on me with the "how big I am" I am only 5ft 3 and I think being short makes my bump more pronounced.......any quip's of how I can tackle this too? was also going to do a sweep stake for the regulars in the pub on the babies size and giving the money to a local charity......might put there guesses to good use I suppose.


Finally I am treating myself this weekend to a 3 hour pregnancy package at a local spa and I can not wait!!!! 3 hours to myself having abit of TLC I definitely need it and then I am getting my hair done too. my lovely husband is going to look after Emilia so I can just relax.......such a lucky lady. if you don't hear from me I will probably be still asleep on the massage table.......................;o)