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Scan Day!

1 CommentThursday, 18 July 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

SCAN DAY! Today was my scan day, I thought it was going to be the happiest day of my life but I seemed to spend the majority of it just needing to wee!
I'd been looking forward to today for the past week. After I wrote my last angry blog my mood just lifted. I had friends up from London for the weekend and the weather was great. We took the dog to the beach, had BBQ's and I discovered non-alcoholic lager! It was the perfect summer weekend and no thoughts of Mr A to drag me down.
Work Monday and Tuesday and my excitement to today was building and building. However I woke up this morning and the fear gripped hold of me. What if something was wrong? What if it wasn't there anymore and I'd imagined the whole thing? What if it's got 6 heads? Or worse, what if it's twins? I called my mum on the way to work who seemed to have no patience with anything and we had a little "spat", a bit of a childish bickering where I said the words "well you started it!" (even at 37 I worry I'm not mature enough to be a parent), I almost uninvited her to the scan but my fear was more prevalent than my wounded pride so I waited for her to pick me up at the office. The morning was spent mostly grumbling and moaning about anything and everything. I cuddled the dog but he'd managed to get horse muck on him from his morning walk so I had to take him to the disabled loo to wipe him down! I listened to Jeremy Vine and got into a rage in the office, I sweated a lot and my stomach was doing somersaults from all the worry. I don't do excitement well! 
Mum came and got me, we took the dog home and then went to the hospital. On the car journey we bickered some more about whether I should have a home birth. I was pro (then the dog can be there), she's against (the drugs are at the hospital), luckily this didn't last long as its a 5 minute car journey to the hospital from my house (handy!)
We waited for the Ultra sound where I counted the couples coming in (loads), how many women were on their own (3) and how many were with their mum(2 including me). Mum told me that my bump wasn't a bump and was just fat and I told her that I was so pleased she was there to support me. Then my name got called.
I lay on the bed, the gel was put on my fat/baby bump and they started scanning. Mum saw it first and her face was one of sheer amazement, they twisted the screen so I could see and there my little blob was, but it wasn't a blob anymore. It had a head (only one) and arms and legs (two of each) and everything was as it should be. I'm having a baby I thought. Wow! Brilliant! Shit! Mum held my hand.
So the Ultra Sound lady moved her thingy around trying to scan the back of the babies neck for my Downs Syndrome test but the little thing wouldnt stop spinning around (made me think of Kylie Minogue) and they couldn't get a reading. So I was sent out, told not to wee and to walk around to get my bladder full and they would try again. So of course as soon as I walked out the room I needed a wee. I hadn't had one for an hour so already needed one and to be told you can't have one just makes you want one more. So I walked around and chatted to an expectant mum who was having twins and had 3 boys at home already! I laughed at her misfortune but she seemed happy. Then I walked around some more.
An hour later I went back in for my scan, practically crossing my legs at this point, and we tried again, but nope, they still couldn't get a reading. Little bugger just wasn't playing so i have to go back next week to try again.
To make up for not getting the reading though they gave me my scan pictures for free.. Result! By this point I was thought I was going to burst.
Then, thank goodness, I was sent to get a urine sample, shame it was just one as I could have given them 20, and I went back to the waiting room where mum and I stared at the scan picture for a few minutes trying to work it out before I realised it was upside down!
A chat with the midwife, some blood tests later and I was sent on my way to empty my bladder till my hearts content!
So another milestone in this pregnancy reached, and in amongst the little arguments, horse poo, wee on hand, needles in arm, bursting for the toilet drama is a perfect little baby growing away inside me. It really was the happiest day of my life... So far!

Anne Wilson
Thursday, 18 July 2013  |  18:03

So glad that everything is going well! Love your honest , funny style!