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Sarah's birth story

Thursday, 28 November 2013  |  Admin



We arrived at the hospital on 31/10/13 at 7.15am to be prepared for the section , myself and Stu were feeling very anxious and scared even thou it was so very calm !!!! There were 3 pregnant ladies on the list and we were told that the consultant would make the order of the list depending on need and past medical history !!!
So typical we ended up being number 3 , I didn't want to say last on the list ...... !!
We were taken into the theatre where by this time Stu was dressed in scrubs !* looking rather super I might add !!! See as a nurse I dont often find scrub suits attractive but Stu obviously looked great !!! I had to sit on the edge of the table desperately trying not to look at any equipment or medical supplys or machines so the consultant could pop my spinal in , luckily I knew the anaesthetist so he put me at ease :) but I won't lie it definately smart a bit !!!! Actually it bloody stung then all of a sudden like a wave of heat my bum and legs went warm and numb !!!.
The midwife lay me back and put up drapes and Stu was sat next to me. By this stage id had a little cry , my emotions had got the better of me.
Within 7-8 minutes the team lifted Beatrice out and showed her to us over the drape , she looked so tiny but was screaming so all ok even though she was a little early , as they lifted her out the consultant found a huge knot in her cord and explained to Stu that if we had delivered naturally she possibly would of been still born as the pressure would of caused the knot to get tighter and cut of her supply completely so she was a very lucky girl.
The rest of the operation seemed to just be a pulling and tugging sensation as I unfortunately had a bleed intra operatively, and as my bp was dropping I just felt headache and dizzy. But it all went so fast the next few minutes and we were in recovery with Beatrice having our skin to skin snuggles :).
The pain was sore afterwards but we ended up coming home on the Sunday teatime so really only a 4day , 3night stay. Beatrice was also given antibiotics as she had water on her lungs so spent a couple of hours in NICU
But all in all we are safe and sound at home , im knackered and scar aches a bit but the biggest thing is carting the kids about in a double buggy ! Lol I can't honestly understand or believe how much luggage we take for a trip to town !! The boys love her even thou Charlie is much more interested in her socks or blanket or bottle and often is found wandering around with something of beatrices under his chin !!!
Zak thinks she's cute but noisy and would rather be playing on his scooter !! But at least they all like each other so far.......
Well hopefully this isnt my last blog , but thanks for all the well wishes , hope you get to see the photos !!!
Back to mummy duty for me !!!
Sarah xxx and of course baby Beatrice:)