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Sarah's top tips on sleeptime routines

Thursday, 24 April 2014  |  Admin

I have 3 gorgeous and beautiful... Monkeys when it comes to bed routine!!! Bedtime can be and should be the most relaxing part of the day, but the so called 'monkeys' seems to know when 6.30 hits the clock it's time to run away from mummy and hide when they hear the bath water running!! But once they have their nice warm bath and we have snuggled up in in our pyjamas (when I've managed to catch them again!) and had our supper the most enjoyable time is to get our favourite books out and snuggle in bed and read. Classic Fairytales like goldilocks and the 3 bears and the 3 little pigs are firm favourites with my 4yr old daughter and my eldest son enjoys tales of pirates and dragons and monster stories! My 3 are 8yrs,4yrs and 18 months, and I stick to the same routine religiously every night and believe that t.v, games etc come to a stop and it's time to calm things down for them. Quiet time is so important for us and our children to help them get a good nights rest.

Although our 18 month old will wake up in the night we try and keep things calm, dark and quiet to help . We also sing a 'night night' song once books have been read, it's something I've sung to my son was he was very young and I now sing it to all 3 of them, when the lights are low and they won't close their eyes til I start singing it! I'm not a perfect parent when it comes to routine, I don't believe anyone is, but as long as my children are safe, snuggled and sleeping, we are a happy family xx

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