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Sammy's getting married very soon

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There has been one thing preoccupying my mind and taking over mine and Peanut’s little life lately – the wedding! And the more and more that the big day draws near, the more obvious it has become that a wedding is a lot like being pregnant and waiting for the big drop. There’s just 3 weeks until I walk down the aisle to meet Peanuts Daddy and in the run up there seems to be lots of little things that I’ve overlooked or are creeping up where I’d forgotten then. Things like buying little gifts for my bridesmaids and those that have helped us out (there’s a few of them!) and then there’s the last minute RSVP’s that inevitably come after you’ve already given final numbers… because a 4 month notice period isn’t enough it would seem.


People are approaching me like I’ve got the huge bump that’s about to burst again with the same questions like ‘Are you excited?’ ‘Have you got everything all prepared’ and the old favourite ‘Not long now!’ It’s been lovely really, people are so involved and interested and unlike giving birth where you want nobody to see you, the idea that all of our friends and family will be there to enjoy our big day with us is going to be amazing. But when I said yes to Peanuts Daddy when he popped the question on the morning of Christmas Day 2011, I don’t think I anticipated quite how difficult it would be to plan a wedding with a baby. We waited until I was on maternity leave to book the wedding and with a snoozing baby in the early stages, ringing around places and getting my organised head on was a piece of cake. However, it doesn’t last long and babies grow up… fast! Soon she was crawling and walking so finding the time to plan and sort a wedding where everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) bar the cake, is made by me became a pain in the proverbials. Luckily I’ve been blessed to have an awesome set of In-Laws that are worth their weight in gold – apart from the Oracle, she’s only a small lady so I’d say her worth in gold far exceeds her weight - babysitting for an hour or two here and there when a toddler will not sit through a menu tasting or a dress fitting. And my ace dad who provides a peaceful sanctuary for me to escape to when a day of Peanut and Sammy’s wedding planning adventures goes boobs up. Without these people I’d have melted into a pool of fleshy mess.


But the one thing that I’m looking forward to more than anything is sharing it with Peanut; we’ve got this gorgeous dress for Peanut, a pretty headband and matching tights and her shoes – a snazzy box-fresh pair of Converse that look awesome. Having been at my own mum and dads wedding it stuck with me. Mum looked like a princess; absolutely beautiful and it was amazing being able to say that lady in that massive dress is my mummy… MY mummy! I don’t think those thoughts will be running through Peanuts mind though, more likely her concerns will be food related, filling her nappy and hatching a master plan to escape from the grasp of whoever’s trying to restrain her when everything’s gone silent.


But in all the madness surrounding the wedding, we’ve still found the time to enjoy each other, play and make a mess as is standard these days. We’ve also discovered that weetabix can build houses! Peanut loves nothing more than scooping it up in her ‘poon’ and flinging it in my general direction... I sometimes think it should be me wearing the bib. She’s also holding conversations about how much she loves her weetabix with babble such as ‘wiga waga weedabigs’ It’s amazing! It’s meaningless crap to others but to us it’s our little language and a fascinating insight into her beautiful little mind. She’s trying so hard to grow up at the minute, I can’t wait for everything else in life to slow down so that we can absorb every moment again.

Friday, 24 January 2014  |  15:10

you must send us photos Sammy !!