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Ruby and Ginger has arrived!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013  |  Admin





Ruby and Ginger - by Hannah our lovely part timer in Leeds! 
This week, in our Leeds store, we had a visit from a representative of Ruby and Ginger. If you’ve not yet heard of the brand get looking! Ruby and Ginger was started by two Mums who wanted to make the world of parenting much easier for parents that have busy and hectic lives. I know from my experience of brands like Pacapod that Mums really do know what is needed in these products, they tend to be the people that use them daily and get the most frustration when something doesn’t work well. Parenthood is already stressful enough why would you want a product that distracts from the joys of parenthood by making your life even more stressful?!
One of the items that we have in store at the moment are the Nappy Purse & Change Mats, they come in three gorgeous designs, and will revolutionise your days out with baby in tow. Rather than having an exclusive changing bag, this item is compact enough to fit in your bag, in the shopping basket of your pram or can be used on its own if you’re just popping out. The purse contains a changing mat, can hold up to three nappies, a tube of cream, wipes, nappy sacks and has a wipes case free!



These portable changing packs are very popular with bloggers, Mums and celebrities alike, with reviews from Dannii Minogue and Zoe Ball stating that this item is genius and perfect for their hectic schedules. Even better, they are water and dirt resistant!
We also sell the compact version that comes without the changing mat.



Another item that we now have in stock is the Toy Tie. This is a really ingenious little item. From experience we all know that our little ones have a tendency to chuck their favourite toys out of their pushchair, and unless we notice they’ve done it, this often lead to the loss of a precious item for good! Some toys obviously come with links to attach to car seats or the handlebars of pushchairs. For those toys that don’t Ruby and Ginger have come up with this toy tie. It allows you to secure your favourite toy or dummy to the pushchair, car seat or high chair. Using little Velcro straps, it creates loops around the item of choice and then another section attaches to the pushchair or car seat.
This is hanging up one of our toys in store!