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Reflux in babies is very hard

1 CommentWednesday, 5 March 2014  |  Admin

Jessica's reflux is an ongoing issue, so we have tried thicker baby milk, infant gaviscon and now trying ranitidine for her starting today. The screaming is just getting unbearable, you understand babies get upset from time to time but the relentless screaming for hours at a time coupled with taking 2 hours for a bottle is taking its toll on all of us as a family and it certainly is not fun to see Jessica in so much pain from feeding. I am hoping that when we start to wean her things will get a lot easier, but as the guidelines have changed again for weaning we now have to wait until at least 20 weeks when it was 4 months with Emilia. Just wish it would clear up soon so we can all enjoy family time together.

Jessica has learnt how to roll now!! Where does the time go? only seems a couple of weeks ago that we had her, now she is changing and growing so much I cant keep up?! Emilia is thoroughly enjoying pre-school and is such a lovely big sister to Jessica, she is always helping me with her and Jessica gives her the BIGGEST smiles when she sees her, they are always holding hands. So amazing to see that they get on so well already....whether this lasts when they are teenagers we will see, but I have photographic evidence to back it up at least! My facebook mums group is growing from strength to strength and people are finding it so useful and so am I! Have made lots if friends through it and its such a help with trying to find stuff to do in the area that comes with a recommendation/seal from other mums! Still deciding on when to go back to work I keep thinking of one date then I think I want to enjoy time with my girls. Its hard when childcare is so obscene! I really do refuse to pay for it to allow someone to have a better lifestyle than me when we will be working our bums off to provide for our family. I know its been in the news recently but childcare is very over priced and now having a second child will almost certainly rule me going back to a 9-5 job until they go to school. anyone else in the same boat? .

Wednesday, 5 March 2014  |  10:35

Poor you Charlotte, my daughter had bag digestion problems when she was tiny, all I will say is once the apple puree started she was a different baby. altough I'm sure that seems like a lifetime away to you!