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Questions, questions questions

Monday, 23 June 2014  |  Admin

Some people really REALLY don’t like the questions that they get asked when they’re either pregnant or have young children; it doesn’t bother me… I don’t get mad if someone asks me something personal, nor do I get irate if a complete stranger asks if my daughter sleeps at night. It’s an innocent question and only needs a simple answer, I struggle to see the reasons for such rage in it all. But there’s one question that I do get asked a lot now by both strangers and family, ‘do you think you’ll have any more?’ my answer again is pretty simple, ‘Yeah, probably… but I think I’ll enjoy this one and being skinny for a bit first.’


This week however, number two has become a reality and those days where you think ‘Hmmm what shall I do with little lady today?’ are going to be filled with ‘what shall we ALL do today’ No, not for me but for a fair few others. I noticed that a lot of mates were announcing second, third and fourth pregnancies and births online and it really got me thinking about how I’d cope with another baby myself while Peanut is still so young.


But it started to play on my mind even more this week when one of my close mummy friends told us that she had been keeping a little secret from us and instantly I knew what it was. I’d had my suspicions and knew it was on the cards but nevertheless it was still a surprise and a lovely one at that. Her own baby number two is on its way and growing nice and snugly in her tummy! It means that not only does that gorgeous little girl that I’ve come to absolutely adore, the cheeky little miss that I’ve seen growing up with my own little Peanut will become a fantastic big sister, but she’ll also be part of a wonderful and growing family that deserve every bit of happiness coming their way.


And with this happiness and excitement for another baby joining our little Monday club of mums and toddlers, I can’t help but wonder when Peanut will be a big sister and what it’ll do for our family. Its no secret that I’d love to have another child running around the house and for us to be a family of four, but for us is all does come down to a number of different factors as I’m sure it does for many mums and dads.


The first is money; you kind of need it if you’re going to maintain the lifestyle you currently have and want to carry on working. Childcare is pretty expensive and realistically we wont be able to do all of the things we want to as a family until Peanut is about ready to go to school… of course, when you calculate pregnancy and maternity leave and such, it’s not that far away really! Moving is another thing that stops us, we’re moving house this year – I’m determined! And we need a bigger place if we’re going to raise a family. I want to be settled into a home where I know we’re going to stay for a while before bringing another dinky person into the world and having to uproot everyone. And finally, work. Ok, it’s a selfish one but my job is awesome and its one that I wake up in the morning and look forward to going to. I can rock up to the office in my baggiest jeans, scruffiest tee and be myself surrounded by the most chilled-out and like-minded bunch of people on the planet. Not many people can say that and I want to enjoy that for a bit longer before having to struggle with a long drive and a hike up the stairs, and then leave for 9 months again.


But just like when we found out that we we’re having Peanut you forget it all and come around to the idea that life is about to change – big time! Plus I’m an absolute mess for a newborn, plop a fresh one out of the wrapping into my hands and that’s it, I melt like an ice cream on a hot day and you’ve lost me for the next twenty minutes or so. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if once Baby T has arrived that Baby P’s announcement is shortly afterwards. If number two happened for us sooner than we planned then I’d definitely not worry or think about how we’d manage; we’re always up for a challenge in our household and this would be one hell of an adventure.