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Pregnancy, hospitals and hunger!

Monday, 3 March 2014  |  Admin

 Chelle is mama to a feisty red head called Fizz wife to Gav. Since 2009 Chelle has been on a massive career and life changing journey - first being a mama then returning to work all while blogging her journey. Chelle blogs at Unique and Chic ( - a website guided by her want to make sure that every Mama feels unique no matter what as well as sharing her own and others parenting stories along the way.

 At my second midwife appointment I was told that due to a high BMI I would be tested for gestational diabetes at various stages during my pregnancy. My first testing was at 14 weeks pregnant, I was warned in advance this would be a starvation test. I know, I know - isn't this the worst thing you can say to a pregnancy woman.  The night before I wasn't allowed to eat until after 8pm. I was allowed water only and had to report at the hospital at 8:40am. By this time I was really missing the boiled sweets I have come to depend upon during my waves of sickness.  I arrived at the hospital, had some blood taken then was give a sickly solution to taste. A bit like weak orange squash but quite thick compared to the squash I make at home. I was then sent to waiting room to wait 2 hours until the next set of bloods were due to be taken.  The waiting room was quite busy and a family arrived where the mother was having the same tests as me. The son had a sausage sandwich with him, which wafted amongst the room and felt a bit unfair considering there were 4 mamas on this starvation tests.

For me I couldn't take Fizz with me to these tests. It doesn't feel fair to me to make her sit around and around 1 hour in the son was obviously frustrated as was the teenage daughter. I had to laugh though when the bounty bin got emptied out by a family in the waiting room. 2 hours of tweeting and blogging for distraction my final tests were taken and I headed off to treat myself to lunch. Which by that time (12pm) I was not able to manage much. 

My next lot of testing is at 28 weeks - I was very impatient and grumpy this time - I wonder how next time will be.  Here is my up to date bump shot! Week 14 Chelle McCann Unique, Chic, Geek  Social Media Support for Small Business  Tel: 07534705188 Tweet Us: @socialsparkleuk Tweet Me: @chellemccann  My office hours are Monday and Friday 8am - 6pm. I am available by phone and email at other times but there may be a little noise in the background. I try to respond to emails within 24 hours (exc weekends) and am available on my mobile if you require immediate action.