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Pink Lining bumble Bees and lots more

Wednesday, 11 September 2013  | 

Pink Lining Autumn Range 2013

At Mummy and Little Me we are always so excited when the new seasons of Pink Lining bags are shown to us and they’ve done it again. Pink Lining have just released the new line of changing bags and have gone above and beyond the standard that the previous line had set, proving once again that they really are one of the best manufacturers of changing bags around!

The new designs come in the usual ‘Yummy Mummy’, ‘Mama et Bebe’ and ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ designs but this season offers some familiar but gorgeous new designs.



First off we have the Cream Bows on a peppermint background; here it is with the Yummy Mummy style of bag. This really is an absolutely gorgeous colour of bag and contrasts really beautifully with the brown detailing on the bag and straps. The darker brown of the leather really sets off the peppermint colour extremely well and makes it so suitable for the winter months coming up.

The popularity of the last range clearly comes through as this design is obviously very similar to the cream bows on pink, and its clear to see why the designers wanted to use the design again. It is absolutely yummy!



The second design is called Purple Dragonflies, it’s no surprise to me that this design was in this season. One of the previous collections had a design called Thistle and dragonflies. It was probably one of the best-selling designs I’ve seen, it did so well and much better then Pink Lining expected, that they had to re-release more bags as they sold out! This new bag is similar to last season’s Green Dragonflies design. Here at Mummy and Little Me we love purple, and the colour is bang on trend at the moment, but it is also a very striking design on this bag.




Onto the third and last new design of the season: Bumble bees and Stardust. Now, if you’re anything like me, just the title of this bag makes me excited about it! It is my absolute favourite bag from Pink Lining so far, and that’s a hard task for them. I love ALL the bags they have brought out, but there is something just magical and lovely about this design. The cute multi coloured stars, the flowers and the little bumble bees are all so cute and lovely! It sounds like such a strange mix of items but on the bag it really comes together to create such a lovely design.



The bags will be in store soon if you want to come and have a look at them and are priced at £79, please give us a call at the shop on 07738088344 to discuss the options about buying a bag.

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