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Pink Lining Autumn Collection 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014  | 





Pink Linings New Autumn Collection 2014 has just arrived ...

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We have been selling Pink Lining for about 8 years now – a very long time ago we spotted them at a trade show and decided to order, it was the teeniest of orders you could imagine and Natasha the sales manager who has been with them since the beginning teases us now as we are one of the leading retailers for the brand. We knew then what we still know now that they are ahead of their time in every way! Lets face who else could make hydrangeas look cool? Only Charlotte Pearl who, is a director and the designer of this fabulous brand. Every year we harp on about how they could not make another collection better than the last but every year they seem to somehow manage to do it.

So if you are famillier with Pink Lining this probably means you are newly expectant with baby number one – congratualtions – it is a minefield out there and choosing your Changing bag is a very important job – we get that – after all remember you have to carry it around for the next few years so you need to not just like it, but LOVE it. Pink Lining does seem to bring out an almost frenzied passion in our customers – the Yummy Mummy diaper ( as the Americans call them ) is the signature bag but if you don’t fancy walking around banding that slogan about then try one of these little beauties….

Mama & BeBe a personal favourite of mine – I just love the prams on the pockets!

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Or Blooming gorgeous which over the last two years has become almost as popular as the Yummy Mummy

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Or if you prefer something a little plainer then why not try the bramley tote.

Or Plain Jane

So what is it to be ? Birdcage, Hydragea or Cream Bows on Red ….

Do check out our reviews for more help with choosing or call us anytime on 01522 684153


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