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Our Maternity Nightwear is fab!

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Admin



We are very excited today as had a huge delivery of the dreamy melba maternity nightwear, we call it dreamy because we are pretty sure you can’t get anything quite as soft and comfortable anywhere else…. Plus of course you have the added benefit of it not being expensive …and yes there is another and … between now and the end of September we are offering THIS  free black camisole worth £25 so there we have it - all you need to do is pop the word 'cami' in the voucher box.

We always tell our customers even if you have a small budget Maternity Nightwear should be top of your list, once you have arrived in to your second trimester then you will probably find after a hard days work that taking your trousers off and putting something comfortable on is a real relief, the great thing about our nightwear is it is made to grow with you so whether you are 3 months or 9 months pregnant it should still feel lovely.


However if those don't float your boat then we do have some rather stunning Amoralia Maternity Nightwear, one of our favorites is the waterfall cardigan, another piece of maternity wear that you will wear for years, great for breastfeeding as well as keeping warm and made from lovely soft cotton.


Pop this with some of the very comfortable lounge pants and the nursing vest and off you go - they would also be great for pre-natal yoga. Or if your the type that generally gets too hot in bed - then you are pregnant you will probably find that happens even more - we have just the job for you, a slinky pair of shorts with a matching top....



 So you see we do have maternity nightwear covered ..... !