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Nicola Pope's Birth Story

Friday, 18 April 2014  |  Admin

Hi, just thought I'd share my birth story.

It all started on 4th Feb 2010, I was rather fed up being 10 days overdue and had an unsuccessful sweep.

I'd had my show a few days earlier but no signs of labour at all, despite being told at my 40 week appointment the midwife thought I was in labour as could feel tightening a when examining me.

So I woke up with one stomach cramp at 5am though ooohhh that hurt and fell straight back to sleep. Then at 6 for some reason I woke up and stood up really quickly completely freaking my husband out and my waters broke on my bedroom floor. No idea how I knew it was going to happen!

So then my husband jumped out of bed and kept saying "what do we do?, what do we do?" Lol.

I rang the maternity unit and they said to come in and check it was actually my waters. So we arrived there about 7:30 and I was examined and told my waters hadn't gone �� And it was probably discharge! Erm what is all over my bedroom floor then, the midwife sighed and said lay on your side for 30 mins and I will have another look.

During this 30 mins I started getting very light but very regular period cramps! Then we heard an almighty scream from next door and a woman scream "get it out NOW" not what I wanted to hear! (It turned out it was a friend of a friend who had all of her scans on the same day as me and now our daughters share the same birthday)

So anyway the midwife came back "oh yes your back waters have gone!" Lol yes I thought so. I asked about the cramps and she said they are not contractions just niggly pains haha well they were starting to hurt.

So I was send home and to call back in when I was I'm labour. By the time we got home the pains were a lot stronger (20 minute drive) I started to get scared so we went to my mums and I got in the bath. By this point I was crying and the pains were getting bad it was about 10am. I remember crying in the bath saying to my mum and sister "don't look at my f@nny" not a word I would normally use! And they just laughed and said all we can see of your massive bump.

I rang maternity and asked to come in, lol they bartered with me and told me to give it an hour and callback. I rang back 30 minutes later and begged to come in.

On the way there we stopped at traffic lights and saw my dad at the opposite lights and I had a contraction - never seen my dad go so pale!

Once I got to the hospital the pain didn't seem as bad i think as I was so much more relaxed and felt safe.

So to cut a long story short I had gas and air, pethidine and then asked for an epidural! Looking back I don't think I needed the epidural I think I was just scared about fear was to come.

Unfortunately the epidural delayed everything and i wasn't fully dilated until about 7-8pm at night. I'd just had a top up and was very numb so was given something to bring my contractions back. I was pushing unsuccessfully for around an hour and a half and then I heard the
Midwives talking about assisting me (I'd done access to nursing and a
Placement on maternity and I knew what that ment) so then I tried harder and made more progress but still not getting the head out. I then saw them put the little green sheet out and heard "pass me the epi scissors" I knew this ment episiotomy!!! Noooo so I said please don't cut me and did a massive push and out popped the head. My husband was brilliant and there seemed to be a lot of people in the room (students, healthcare assistants etc) I think they didn't have much else to do as it was quiet and all wanted to watch! Next time I will ask only for who is necessary and students as it was really annoying and my hubby was upset he couldn't get near me properly.

So anyway out came our baby who turned out to be a beautiful baby girl 7lb 13oz at 10:20pm

I needed some stitches but didn't really notice anything and forgot to ring any relatives until 2am as I was just looking at my gorgeous girl. We named her Violet Luna and she is now 4 years old!

I due to do this all again soon as we are due another surprise baby on 26th July and I'm hoping for a water birth. I can't wait

Thanks for listening

Nicola Pope