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New Season Pink Lining arrived

Wednesday, 4 February 2015  | 

New Pink Lining Just arrived for summer 2015

It's that time of year again, the gorgeous new Pink Lining bags are unveiled and the excitement grows as we watch to see which particular style will be number 1 this year!

The three contenders this year are Cottage Garden, Sunflowers or Sam the Dalmatian



Of course these new colours come in the famous Yummy Mummy, Blooming gorgeous Mama and Bebe and a whole host of other shapes,  but these 3 are always the most popular shapes. Every year the team here place a bet (albeit verbal rather than actual real money changing hands) as to which will be the best selling bag. This year my money is on the sunflower, but colleague says cottage garden and my daughter is very keen on the Dalmatian. However I do love the cottage garden almost as much as it reminds me of one those gorgeous Liberty of London prints. Sunflowers will always brighten up our day though and how could any dog lover resist the Dalmatians? Pink Lining are also selling backpacks, wash bags, purses and cross over your body bags which we will soon be receiving.

So our question to all our customers is which is your fav colour??  We would love to know!




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