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Megan Wilcox Birth Story

Friday, 18 April 2014  |  Admin

ello my little boy charlee-david liam willcox was born on 01-12-12 at 04:32am at princess anne hospital southampton.. here is my story.

Charlee-david was already 12 days late and after a long fight with the hospital they agreed to induce me. On 30th November 2012 at 07:30am but knowing this the previous night i had a sweep done in the day unit at princess anne. The midwife that done the sweep said i was 1-2cm and he could feel charlee was head down and had lots of hair. Next morning in i go to be induced my midwife gives me the first internal dosage for induction at 7:49am im told to stay put for an hour to let it get to work so there i stay till near on 9am strapped up to a trace machine. Started getting contractions about 11am nothing major have my lunch and go for a walk come back for 2pm for second dose of internal induction medication which hurt! so much she gave me gas and air while doing it. Again sit for an hour let it work trace ect. Still only 1-2 cm i went for a walk saw my brother and my nephew. Went back for 5 had dinner and the contractions were getting stronger and stronger. 6pm i had an inspection done and was 2cm still!! I was in agony with the contractions i was told thats because of what they use softens the cervix making it more painful than normal. (Charlee is my first baby so this pain was new!!) 10pm came and i was moved up onto a ward my mu stayed with me till 1:45 when she was near enough escorted off even though i wanted her to stay as i was scares the staff said no. I was told not to worry as baby wouldn't arrive that night ill see my mum and dad in the morning. After this i was getting more and more contractions and more pain! I was taken for a trace and while there became desperate for a wee i went to the toilet to find alot of blood. And the urge to push came the midwife ran in and they took me to a room to do an inspection to find i was 7-8 cm i had to ring my mum n dad to tell them i was about to have charlee they was waiting for me on labour ward by 2:45 (i rang them at 2:40) my midwife came from faraham and asked why my waters had not been broken as i was 9cm now (3:15) she popped my waters and found that charlee was breech and it was his bum i had started pushing out. Now 10cm im being prepped for an emergency caesarian section While a doctor comes in and does a scan to double check. I had a spinal shortly after he confirmed it and charlees beautiful face was still grabbed with forceps as his bum was stuck in the channels. At 04:32 charlee was born needing heart massage my 8lb 4oz little man is now a cheeky little monkey that gets away with everything

My mum was by my side during Csection and my dad waiting outside
Couldnt get prouder grandparents

Megan willcox - southampton