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Maternity Wear Buying Guide

Tuesday, 6 November 2012  |  Admin

First of all congratulations are in order! You are  now embarking  on a very exciting new cycle of your life, we hope we can help you with some of the small hurdles you need to jump by giving you a few pointers.

Buying maternity need not  be  complicated, but we know from experience your ever changing shape leads to confusion, what do I buy ?  what will I fit   in a few months? and when  should i start buying your maternity wear?  Well don't worry as we aim to answer all those questions and more.

You have just fallen pregnant your clothes still fit but your boobs seem to have expanded uncontrollably, don't worry - most women grow at the beginning of their pregnancy but normally things start settling down around 16 weeks. A maternity bra is a must as soon as you can, if you want to be a savvy mummy then we would recommend a bravado  seamless, which goes up to a 40F  This bra not only grows with you as it has memory but it also shrinks back to normal size, plus it has nursing clips so the chances are you can use it after you have given birth and therefore save loads of money ;) Another money saving tip  from  bravado is they also provide a conversion kit so once you have finished with it as a nursing bra then you can convert back to a normal bra - genius!

Maternity Bra

If you want something a little more glamorous  then you can't go wrong with any of the Amoralia or Hot milk bras. Both have double the back fasteners of a normal bra so when your rib cage expands in preparation for the baby so does your bra, they also look pretty which is an added bonus of course.

Hotmilk Maternity Bra

If you are used to an underwire and feel you really need that extra support then the Anita underwire is fabulous, tested and recommended by doctors it's a soft underwire so completely safe and goes upto an H cup.

Anita Maternity Bra

Ok so your 14 weeks pregnant and trousers are beginning to get tight, you are  probably checking out your tummy most days in the mirror ( yes we all do  it here!)  don't put off the inevitable, remember the earlier you buy the better value for money you will get from your maternity wear. Good quality maternity wear will look fab on you even if your tummy is nearly flat, it is designed to grow with you. So don't put it off go and buy some and get as much wear from it as you can.

What size do I buy ?
Stick with your pre pregnancy size, unless you are having twins or more  then you may  need to go up a size. Remember to stick to your usual style - if you try something on and it doesn't look great, don't put up with it ! Maternity  wear should look great, like your normal clothes - you don't need to accept second best.

What do I need ?
Firstly some basics that will go with everything, so for instance a good quality nicely cut t-shirt that could be worn with a suit or with jeans.

Talking about Jeans, if there is one investment you should make it's in good quality maternity jeans, they need to stay up and look good up until and beyond the pregnancy, it's well worth paying a little more for well cut ones. We love the Noppies maternity jeans, they are not cheap but if you can afford it then well worth it . The back is cut high so when you bend down you not feel like your about to lose your trousers.

Maternity Jeans

Once you have your basics sorted then please invest in something that will make you feel good, a pretty dress or top  - yes it may seem extravagant, it will seem extravagant but trust us, there maybe days when your hormones get the better of you and don't feel on top of the world. It may seem shallow but putting a pretty dress on can make all the difference, it's hard coming to terms with new shape and this will help - we promise.

Over the years we have had hundreds of husbands in our shops in a panic, they have left their loved ones at home in tears with nothing to wear, don't let it get to that stage!

Maternity Dress 

Lastly a nice pair of comfortable pyjamas, all our maternity pyjamas you can use for nursing as well.......

Maternity Pyjamas

If you ever  need any maternity wear advice then we are always able to chat - or always free to email with questions at