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Matching reindeer jumpers and floods!

Thursday, 12 December 2013  |  Admin

There’s no hiding the fact that since the birth of Peanut, I’ve turned into a bit of a mentalist/ nutcase/ stresshead. Ok, that’s not entirely true… I have hidden it pretty well and the only person that bears the brunt of it is poor Peanuts Daddy. But like a lot of new mums the panic and stress doesn’t come from nowhere, there are reasons for being a bit daft from time to time and at the moment there’s plenty going on in our lives that’s contributing: 1 - We’re getting married in the New Year and like a genius I decided to take on everything myself – the decorations, invitations, flowers etc. 2 – It’s Christmas! 3 – And, yeah it’s Christmas!

So on top of the usual stresses that the holiday season brings like Christmas shopping in the crowds of other mentalists, the prospect of trying to put up a Christmas tree with an excitable toddler, and the worry of making Christmas dinner and getting it wrong; this past week has had a few new unwelcome additions.

Peanut has a cold! Ok, it’s not the biggest tragedy to land on us this Christmas but after last year’s 4 week bout of illness I was hoping that this one was going to be a bit nicer. Poor little thing spent most of December wrapped up in a blanket snotting all over my clothes and soaking up the sympathy cuddles from visitors and so this year I’m looking forward to her getting better and running riot around the living room, crashing into decorations with almighty speed and power. Yes, really.

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble without a TV, internet or Radio news then you’ll know that almost all of the East Coast was issued with a severe flood warning as a huge tidal surge battered the beaches. Hey, guess where we live?! So while my own home is just outside of the flood plain, the worry of having to house my Dad and sisters while theirs sits in a few feet of sea water was bit much. Eyes glued to BBC news, panic buying milk (who the heck does that?) in case no delivery lorries could get into town, and listening to the flood sirens, I sat there thinking about whether the contents of our garden might be floating in the morning – it turned out that we weren’t as badly affected as some of the smaller coastal villages but still, it wasn’t easy on the nerves of an already stressed-out mum.

This weekend can’t come quick enough with all of that in mind, we’ve got a Christmas Carvery to look forward to with good friends and their babies and it’ll be our first festive gathering outside of the house where the three of us can enjoy it together. It isn’t the best time of year for me with having lost my mum at Christmas, but it’s little things like this that make it a bit more enjoyable… plus I’ve got me and Peanut matching Reindeer jumpers to get in the spirit too! She’s going to hate me when she’s older and see’s the evidence.