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Mary-Kates shares a secret about her pregnancy

Monday, 13 January 2014  |  Admin

 I actually love being pregnant and even though I am suffering with terrible heartburn, the occasional swollen feet and grumpy mood swings, I really will miss my baby bump. I could watch her kicking me forever, it can't keep Michael's attention for long but I could sit here for ages talking to her watching her kick me as I say something, I think it's one of the best feelings you could ever have but I wouldn't want to have another one after this baby. I think two is perfect for us and one of each is great but even if it was 2 boys I wouldn't want anymore. Actually this is a little personal but I want to share it because it's not commonly spoken about... I am going to email Dr Runa (who works with Mummy and Little Me) soon as I am looking into different contraception, I haven't mentioned this before because well, it's private isn't it but I actually conceived this baby while on the contraceptive pill - I know what you're thinking, oh you must of missed one but actually I didn't and after taking 4, yes 4 pregnancy tests because I didn't believe it could be possible, I went to see my Doctor who told me that it is possible to happen, it's a small chance but it is possible. So although we are very happy we are having baby girl, I don't want to get pregnant again and therefore need to find a suitable contraceptive method.

 So I've been really busy over Christmas/New Year and haven't got around to doing another post for mummy and little me, now I am 32 weeks pregnant, how fast is this going? *slow down button needed!* but life does go fast and something that Mummy and Little Me retreat taught me is that I want to enjoy this precious time. Now that I am 32 weeks pregnant I feel right now would be a great time to go to a Mummy & Little Me retreat at Champneys Spa - if you're considering booking to go, then do it! You really won't regret it afterwards, especially at this stage you could really do with a massage and a bit of pampering and as I already know that retreat was amazing and really relaxed me - could use some of that relaxing now if I'm honest. I walked away feeling like a princess, with my head packed full of helpful advice about pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. If we could go again then we would but we are currently so busy and watching every penny as we are moving out soon - yes I know at over 32 weeks pregnant, how stressful could this be? And some people have said to me that their baby came early when they moved... I really don't want her to come early so I'm leaving everything moving wise to Michael.

 I have finished baby shopping - I think. The sales helped with that, she's stocked up on lots of clothes from the Next boxing day sale where we queued to pay for over 2 hours with Oliver at 4 years old I can honestly say he behaved better than me! I was very grumpy but I'm glad we went because everything was half price or less. We also went to sainsburys and got a few household bits in the sale, as I've been living with my Mum until we could afford to get somewhere of our own, we didn't really have much household wise stuff but now thanks to sales we are the proud owners of a fair few items including a dyson! We don't have a sofa but relax because we can clean, I'm sure it will be well used when my nesting sets in - well Michael hopes it will be well used forever at that price tag! But getting up off the floor may be an issue so pregnant, apparently it's funny to watch me get up now. I only have a few things that we haven't got yet, a baby bouncer, a breastfeeding scarf of some sort and a feeding pillow - I'm very keen on breastfeeding this time and I have brought an electric breast pump - it was 70% off and I really didn't get on with the manual one last time so hopefully this one is better.

 I have had my midwife check up and my blood pressure is still fine which is great, I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet as I know it can change in a second but I would really love to have baby in the birthing centre with a birthing pool instead of a horrid hospital room. I have started thinking about my birth plan now, I know that they rarely go to 'plan' but I still think its essential to have one as I know what I definitely don't want and I know that I want to move about as much as possible. My labour with Oliver was quick, 4 hours 45 minutes but he was actually out after 2 hours 45 minutes leaving 2 hours for just getting the placenta out, even though I had the injection to help it come away quicker it still got stuck so that's something that's worrying me, I don't want that to happen again.

 I've got my hospital bag packed, actually got a prepacked one so that was stress-free and I have added my own personal bits into it and baby bits, I am going to do a separate bag for Michael and bits of food incase we are there a while, then the only excuse to leave my side is to go to the toilet and another little bag for coming home items such as the lovely GoGo from Puckababy which is a brand that sells on Mummy and Little Me now. I'm also planning on doing a bag for Oliver full of little presents that his sister will have ready for him when he comes to meet her - he's 4 and if she brings presents, he will like her! Well Mummy and Little Me have put me under parental bribery so what did you expect? hehe.

 I'm going to make a Mummy & Little Me wishlist on my blog soon, so make sure you look out for it!

 Mary-Kate x