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Mary Kate will resist biscuit number 4

1 CommentMonday, 11 November 2013  |  Admin

Every pregnancy is different. This pregnancy and my first pregnancy have been both completely different so far. I might be a second time mum but that doesn't mean I know it all, I do still worry about things and I am still learning, questioning things that I didn't experience last time.

Before I was pregnant with Oliver I was a size 10-12 but during my pregnancy I piled on the weight (5 stone of it in total) I craved kit-kats and I'd get through a multi pack very quickly without any assistance, that was my 5-a-day. Looking back I can now see how bad that was but at the time I just wanted, no I felt like I needed my cravings and I didn't say no. Even my midwife telling me off didn't work – I got home, I cried but then I ate to make myself feel better. My life had suddenly changed and I was no longer that 20 year old girl going out with her friends on a Friday night, I was sat at home by myself feeling down, so comfort eating became my new best friend.
The saying “you learn who your true friends are when you have children” - TRUE.

After having Oliver my pregnancy weight didn't just fall off me in a couple of months like some people manage to do, in fact it took me years to get back to a size 12 and that was just before I fell pregnant this time. I must admit I didn't try as hard as I could to loose the baby weight but I will try harder this time, I was once told “It takes 9 months to go on, so give 9 months for it to come off?” and I think that's what I will aim for after baby number 2. I guess having Oliver to run around after will help keep the weight gain down a little, as well as our 20 minute walk to school. This time I haven't really craved anything in particular so far and I have actually put that 4th biscuit back after realising I didn't actually need biscuit number 4. Another thing that has been different so far is my blood pressure. During my pregnancy with Oliver I had high blood pressure which started to rise early on, at 35 weeks I went into hospital to be monitored over night because it was so high and after that I had to have it checked regular. Although I am only 23 weeks my blood pressure has actually been low or normal up to now and hopefully it will continue to be, I've got extra appointments to have my blood pressure checked to make sure it doesn't go high like last time. I also intend to keep more active than I was during my first pregnancy and 3 weeks ago I brought a pregnancy yoga set too which I will attempt to actually put on soon...

Mary-Kate x

Monday, 11 November 2013  |  17:01

I empathise! I put 4 stone on from eating everything in site and told myself it was the baby, mistake I'm still paying for 7 years later ...:) Be warned all you girls with beautiful figures.... don't believe all that stuff about how easy it is to loose - its' not!