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Maria Hussain's Birth Story

Wednesday, 16 April 2014  |  Mummy and Little Me

Before my due date I took a nice long walk in the park and as I was walking I started having mild contractions on and off. These disappeared by the time I got home. That morning at 1.30am I kept needing the loo and my contractions started but only very mild. I went into the bathroom for the millionth time at 4.30 and saw blood. I woke my husband and he called the maternity unit as by this point the pains were getting unbearable. We went into the maternity unit and the midwife timed my contractions. They were 5 mins apart but only lasting 30 seconds. You see I am a very composed person and was not moaning very loudly at all. The midwife gave me codrydamol and told me to go home. I asked her to check me as I could not manage the pain at home. I live with my in laws and last thing I want is for them to hear me moan! The midwife refused saying she knows when women are in labour and I did not seem like a woman in labour as I was too composed! After begging her to check me, she did and what do you know I was 8cm dilated! She put me in the pool and it turned out although my contractions were strong they would not last very long. I had my daughter 3.5 hours later. There was a woman screaming next door and the midwife had the cheek to say people handle pain differently when she would not believe me! My advice to any mother is if u feel your baby is coming dont let anyone fob you off. Make sure u get them to check you. Also water birth is amazing. I'll never forget the moment when I caught my baby as she was born. I was the first to hold her :-)

Maria Hussain