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Mari Andrews birth story

Wednesday, 16 April 2014  |  Admin

Birth story - sorry its loooooong ��


So my waters went at 9.30 on the wednesday (40+2) morning. I'd just done a wee & came down stairs shouting at Josie (my daughter) to come downstairs & gush! Lol (luckily i had a dress on) i thought i'd wee'd myself at first but when i looked it was clear, HE WAS ON HIS WAY! I had to grab a towel & mop while i tried to sort a pad!
Steven (my partner) got the call he'd be dying for! & the hospital said to either go in straight away or wait for contractions. If no contractions by 1pm go in to be checked over.
So i carried on with things & decided to wait until 1.
Packed my hospital bag, sorted baby's, put up his carry cot, got the car seat put, sorted his crib. Got jiggle ready.
Also made ste get me a sausage sandwich
I got a slight bit of back ache but nothing major by this point.
We dropped Josie off at our friends & went to het checked out.
They didn't do an internal just checked me over & baby's hb. All was fine & they booked my induction for the next day at 10am.
As we left the hospital i started getting tightenings (typical) we had a kfc (fatty) & went to get jig. Tightenings kept coming but every like 15 mins they were sooo intense though! Poor Josie & our friends lb thought i was dying
We left there at 6.30pm & my contractions had gone to every 9 mins.
Popped to sainsburys for more pads as i'd been leaking allllll day!
Ste went in & by the time he came back i was at every 6 mins. They were still strong but bearable.
Ste sorted jig & her food while i sat on a chair on a towel (was banished from the settee!) contracting.
Plan was to feed jig & get her to bed as we'd never left her with anyone before.
Ste's sister should of been with us at 8.30 so we were going to leave then. His mom had popped round to say hi (which was luckily as annoying as she is!)
I was talking to all the admin & yourselves at this point typing between contractions but they'd got to every 4 mins apart.
& as silly as it sounds the pressure i was getting felt like i'd want to push soon. No way would i last till 8.30 to leave (was 7.45ish at this point)
Ste totally panicked & got jig all ready for bed but i really needed help the contractions were unbearable.
We left Josie with Stes mom & went to the hospital. My contractions were every 3 mins now & lasting a minute at least.
Josie cried so much when we left but i didn't wana give birth without drugs! Aha
We got into the hospital at 8.25 & into triage. We tried to ring on the way but the number was engaged as per.
They then actually moaned we hadn't rang ahead!
Made us sit in triage with women waiting to get checked out for reduced movements. A lady, who couldn't speak a word of english, even wondered in as she was 9 weeks pregnant & hadn't felt her baby move... You just can't make this shiz up!
I was contracting every 2 mins now last nearly 2 mins (i thought i was dying!)
We'd been left there 15 mins so ste went to complain. 2 mins later we were taken through to delivery suite (even though i a wanted the birthing centre) but by this point i just wanted help.
Fully remember thinking the room smelt of wee too! & the mw literally ran down the corridor like i could keep up!
My midwife eventually came in about 5 mins later & put me on a flipping trace machine! At around 9.15 i was begging for gas and air even though she said my tightenings were 'mild' () she said she's examine me to see if it was worth while having so soon as it was going to be a while yet. She did & said i was 5cm! A poxy 5! she gave me the g&a but it seemed to intensify the contraction. At 9.45 i was begging for pethadine! She checked me again & said i was only 6cm at a push so would ask the doctor, doctor agree'd it was fine so i had it. I kept getting such a strong feeling to push but she told me to breathe through it as it was too soon.
She asked if she could put a clip on babies head too as the monitor wasn't picking his heart beat up during my contractions (which is pretty obvious as everything was tightening but hey ho) we both said no his hb was fine when i wasn't having one so no. She left it.
By 10pm all i kept hearing was 'breathe through it, its not time to push its too soon, breathe through it'
But they were soooooo intense! Pethadine had done sod all!
I tried the g&a again as i needed something the pain was just that pure pain. It actually really helped. I was away with the fairies!
I remember her asking about the clip again but i was on g&a and having constant contractions. Ste was firm & said no she tried to argue with him but i told him i need to push then started pushing. The mw looked down & said 'i need another mw!' Then ran out. I remember holding ste's hand super tight & pushing. He kept telling me i could do it & to push. I honestly just thought of my mom & put everything into it!
He was born with the corn around his neck so they cut it asap & took him over to the little resuscitation bed. The pethadine effected him as it was administered way too late, the midwife & doctor got it totally wrong.
He was on there 1 minute 50 seconds & i swear they were the longest EVER! I just kept asking Steven if he was okay & why he wasn't crying. When he cried it was the best thing imaginable!
9 mins of pushing, 2 hours 10 mins after we arrived our baby boy, Theodore Steven Johnston was here