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Liz has her 20 week scan and is now rather pleased

2 CommentsMonday, 11 November 2013  |  Admin

21 weeks pregnant and now we know what we’re having...

With my son, right from the start of the pregnancy, I was adamant I was having a boy. I wouldn’t even consider that it might be a girl. I’d always imagined hubby and I having boys, maybe because hubby is one of two boys, I don’t know. We booked an early gender scan at 17 weeks and it was very obvious that he was a boy. Legs akimbo he wanted us to know he was a he!

This pregnancy, I wasn’t as sure. I had an inkling I might be carrying a girl but it was just an inkling. I’ve had basically the same symptoms this time round but have been much more emotional! We booked the same early gender scan this time round and the closer it got, the more I thought we were having a girl. My husband on the other hand thought it was another boy but couldn’t tell me why...

In the scanning room, I lay on the bed, tummy exposed and desperate for the loo, waiting nervously (I don’t know why we were nervous but we both were!). The sonographer said “soooo you want to know the gender....hmmmm it’s a tough one, baby is a bit shy!” NOOOOOOOO! We couldn’t not find out today, it just wasn’t an option!!

She decided to do the other checks first, skull size, eye sockets, two arms leading to two hands, two legs leading to two feet etc. A “very good” heart – always positive to hear!

“Let’s have another look at your bits then baby!” she says pushing even further into my bladder for what felt like FOREVER “aha” she continues “I think you might be having a girl!” O.M.G.

I give hubby a smug look and he smiles proudly and then chuckles “you’re going to be unbearable!” the cheek of it! Surely I’m not the only wife who likes to be right. All the time. Am I?!

I ask the sonographer how sure she is and she says only 85%! I’m not a fan of anything less than 99.9% (we all know they can’t tell you they’re 100% sure). With Austin, they were 99.9% sure. Hubby and I didn’t really know what we were looking for and we were 99.9% sure too! We watched Austin on the screen as he waved his legs all over the place, showing us quite brazenly, what we’d come to see! This little girl was a little more shy.

So we waited until our 20week anomaly scan for confirmation. Thankfully, the lady scanning me that time also said it’s a little girl baby so yay (and phew!)! Now we can get excited!

I can’t wait for Austin to have a little sister. I’m a little bit nervous that so many people have told me “girls are harder than boys” though. Tell me it’s not true!! Please...

Monday, 11 November 2013  |  16:39

Congrats Liz, we're expecting a girl too x

Monday, 11 November 2013  |  18:02

Thanks Mary-Kate, congrats to you too!x