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Lisa Burton's Birth Story

Wednesday, 16 April 2014  |  Admin

Hi here is my birth story
My second child was due 19th of March 2013, we already knew we was expecting a beautiful little girl. This was exciting for us as we already have a boy. Sadly 12 weeks before my due date we found out my husband would be on a tour of Cyprus with the army! I traveld to stay with my mum and have my baby in here local hospital! I was told I would be induced the day after my due date but things had already started to happen so they left me to progress on my own, I was constantly updating my husband throughout the day. Nothing major happened until 11pm! Contractions were coming thick and fast and I was taken from the maternity unit to the Labour ward. I was examined by a lovely midwife who told me I was only 3cm ! I remember been so disappointed in my self! I was told not to push as it was far too soon but my body was telling me different! I never pushed once and at 3am on the 21st of march 2013 our little lady was born still in her waters!! I rang my husband in Cyprus and he was thrilled she was here safely! The easy bit was over... My husband didn't meet poppy until she was 8 weeks old!! The best feeling was meeting him at the airport when he met his baby girl for the first time!!