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It's hard being a working Mum - By Lisa Cornwall

Wednesday, 25 February 2015  |  Admin

Being a working mum can be tough. Some days itís easy, some days it makes you cry and some you are just angry! Iím sure not everyone feels this way but Iíve certainly experienced all of those emotions on a weekly basis.

I went back to work when Zach was nine months old. We couldnít afford for me to stay off for a year because for those last three months you donít receive a penny. I always knew I would have to go back to work but it didnít make it any easier when the time came around. After losing my dad, mum gave up her job and decided that she would like to look after Zach three days a week for us for very little pay. This was wonderful for two reasons; the financial aspect of us not having to pay lots of nursery fees and also that he would be regularly looked after by someone who loves him like we do.

At the beginning, I went back three days per week. I managed to negotiate a four day working week and then I used my annual leave to have the extra day off. This meant that he didnít start nursery until he was one which I was happy about because before that, he still felt too little to be left in strange surroundings. Once I ran out of annual leave, I returned to the four day week and it was like that for a while. I loved my Thursdays off with my little man, the one day that was all about us. We went to playgroups, to the park, for coffee. It was amazing. Then we discovered we were in the position to be able to get a mortgage. Up until then, we were renting a small one bedroom flat, it felt too good to be true but it was all worked out and yes, we were ready to buy. The only problem was, we would need my full time wage to pay the mortgage. I was gutted but knowing that I really wanted a secure roof over Zachís head, I had no choice but to give up my one day off.

So, in April last year, I returned to work full time. I hated it. I enjoy what I do but Iíd much rather be at home with my boy, watching him grow up. I have since changed jobs to see if that would help but other than the subject matter being more interesting, I still hate working full time!

My little man is poorly at the moment. Heís not feeling himself and so I did not send him to nursery yesterday. Instead, I stayed home with him and cuddled him on the sofa all day. It was wonderful to have so many snuggles and it reminded me of what I miss out on. The Ďusí time.

The ideal scenario for me would be a three day week. I could deal with four. Itís not going to happen anytime soon but I dream that one day Iíll be home a bit more. For now though, Zach spends three days a week with my mum and two at nursery. He certainly gets the best of both worlds, even if I donít!

Are you like me and struggle with having to work or are you lucky enough to get some time with your children? I love to know that Iím not completely alone!