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Is sleep overated Liz asks?

Monday, 13 January 2014  |  Admin

Wouldn’t it be great if, during pregnancy, you could stock up on sleep credits? This baby will be my second, so I know all too well the sleepless nights I have awaiting me when she arrives. It’s because of this knowledge that I would like some of those sleep credits!


I really miss sleeping on my tummy. I’ve always been a tummy sleeper, ever since I can remember. Pregnancy obviously hinders this somewhat. Both this time and last, finding a comfortable sleeping position is proving tricky. I invested in a pregnancy pillow which has been a life saver! Last pregnancy, I didn’t bother, I just bought a cheap “V” shaped pillow that lost its plumpness far too quickly. I’ve resorted to contorting myself half on my left hand side and half on my back, but I have to have to right arm above my head because my ribs hurt so much!


I’m also suffering with restless legs, my husband has been suffering with a chest infection – meaning he coughs a lot when he’s lying down, my 15 month old has been teething and my cat has taken to sleeping on our bed in the tiniest gap behind my legs. All in all, not much sleeping is going on at the moment!


In other news, I can’t believe I’m now 30 weeks pregnant! My tummy is on the move non-stop, this baby is much more fidgety than my son was! When I woke up the other morning (OK, so I admit I do sleep occasionally...) I’d been asleep on my right hand side for the last hour since I’d woken up for the toilet, and my bump was all wonky! I don’t think baby is used to lying on that side and had didn’t much like it as when she woke up, she wriggled continuously all day long!


So I have 10ish weeks left of this left hand side sleeping, then it’s back to Tummy Time! That’s forgetting the fact I’ll have a newborn and so will be sleeping even less than I’m sleeping now! Sleep is so overrated though..!

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