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Introducing growing bump

Friday, 10 January 2014  |  Admin

There it is and I knew it. I've been off coffee for 3 days, the smell makes me feel queasy. I love coffee.

At this stage though I am paranoid that I don't know my body. A late period last month and only a few months of regular periods means I don;t trust my body not to trick me. But there it is in plain view. A test with a positive telling me I conceived 3 weeks ago. Wow.

I am not sure what I expected really. All the signs were there but as anyone with irregular periods and those who have cysts on their ovaries know it can be one of those things you least expect even when you and your partner have decided to try. You don't kind of believe it. You are both shell shocked,.

My positive test happened 2 days before your daughters 4th birthday and a few weeks before Christmas. How would we manage to not tell people. It;s going to be obvious especially with sickness/tiredness and everyone feeling in a very festive mood. We decide to tell close family - who in turn tell each other. Pregnancy is one of those secrets it is hard to contain. Of course everyone is eager to celebrate on my behalf.

And here we are now 9 weeks in. I still can't believe it but the sickness and tiredness tell me otherwise. I can manage the smell of decaf coffee but not the gorgeous filter coffee I loved, I can't eat bread and so far have been sick twice. The nausea is stronger this time and I can't wait to see that little blip of a heartbeat. Then, I am sure, it will all feel that bit more real.

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