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Insomnia and pregnancy

Wednesday, 15 January 2014  |  Admin

Insomnia - why me?

When pregnancy symptoms started I was expecting the nausea (stronger than the first time) and the constant trips to the toilet too. But the lack of sleep wasn't something I had anticipated to start just yet.

During my last pregnancy I had bouts of insomnia towards the end of my pregnancy - I put this down to the baby moving when I wasn't and the pressure on my bladder and pelvis. I had not expected it to start in the first trimester and not as hard hitting either.

First it was waking after 3am and laying awake for a few hours until finally getting up around 5am. Today I am writing this at 4:30am after being awake since around 1am. I know it's not total insomnia and I did fall asleep around 9pm last night. But seriously is this baby trying to get me ready for sleepless nights super early…

With a 4 year old in the house it's impossible to rest up so to speak so currently when daddy gets home our routine is changing to accommodate my tiredness. Daddy gets home, I cook tea and then I go off to a quiet bedroom and pop on a Netflix box set. I have become to rely on these box sets on my early wake up calls too. Currently I am on Dexter and next I think I will start on The Good Wife. At least I am organising my insomnia, right?

Thankfully I can work from home so that's how I have been coping with work so far. It's flexible so I am lucky enough to be able to work an hour here and there to make up any time I need to. This makes all the difference to be but it is starting to mean I am a bit reclusive too. Tiredness and sickness hit at anytime and right at that moment I want to be curled on the sofa with my little one watching a movie.

I have my 10 week midwife appointment this week and the last 5 weeks of knowing I am growing a baby have felt really long. I think my anxiousness at wanting to see my baby is ok on a screen is adding to my sleep problems. I know that before the appointment I should make notes and ask what I can but in the meantime someone pass the sleep please.

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