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Insomia when you are pregnant

Thursday, 17 October 2013  |  Admin

Insomnia and the BIG MOVE

I am finding sleeping more and more difficult at the moment. Often getting short, sharp bursts of sleep followed by 2/3 hours of lying in bed googling if Dr Ranj from Get Well Soon (a Cbeebies programme) is actually a real doctor.......for those wanting to know yes he is!! I'm sure this is our bodies way of preparing us for sleepless nights with a new born but I would really like some good sleep. On the flip side I have had some great Facebook chats with some mums who have new borns, it's a good time to catch up and be there to support each other.

The big move......well it couldn't go off without a hitch, after booking a carpet and oven cleaner (I know its a bit lazy but I am 8 months pregnant) over 4 weeks ago I get an EMAIL 1 hour before they were due to arrive saying they could not make it..........queue enraged pregnant woman leaving numerous emails and messages to ensure they knew they had upset me......(have since not had an apology) so I had to ring round like a mad woman trying to get someone else to come......always good to act the pregnant woman in distress.

This week we are focusing on spending some quality time with my daughter as my husband is on holiday this week. She has been a little star with the move when it must be so strange to see all your toys being packed up and not being in your "home"......the most heart breaking moment was when she woke after the move and said "lets go home". Just cant wait to move into our new house now to make it our home.........also if anyone hears me say anything about moving (after the final part of this move) then you have my permission to hit me!!!!