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Impossible tasks when you are pregnant!

Friday, 7 February 2014  |  Admin

I try to embrace my ever growing bump, and often I manage it! I love it when Betsy Bump wriggles and I can see and feel her kicking. Especially when Austin leans against her or rests his head on her and she kicks him, it's like she's getting practice in for later when she's sticking up for herself against her big bro!

However, there are some things that my bump stops me doing...

1) Picture the scene...Daddy and Baby Bear are throwing cushions on the floor and falling on to them. Hubby turns to me and says "Obviously you can't whilst pregnant but can you do that thing where you fall down and don't put your hands out to stop you?" My reply "err yeah! Easy!" His response "yeah right!" What?! Are you calling me a liar?! And of course, I can't prove it! Grrrrr.

2) Shaving my legs in the bath with the ease and grace (if leg shaving ever is graceful!) like I used to. In fact, it's now very difficult and very un-graceful! I tend to have to incoporate a rocking motion (also useful for getting out of the car!)to allow the razor to reach my lower leg and then inevitably, I end up nicking my ankle. Not good.

3) Eating from a tray on my lap whilst sat on the sofa. This just isn't possible anymore. My lap is no longer big enough to hold a tray because half of the once vacant leg space has been taken up with bump! Now if I want to slob out and eat on the sofa, I need to hold the plate above my bump. It's not the same...

4) Squeezing between to car wing mirrors - I never realise before I've approached the gap either. I always, always get wedged between the two and desperately hope nobody is sat in their car watching me!

However, I do find that a big bump does come in handy sometimes. Particularly when in the queue for toilets! Also this week I was walking a very brisk pace in the rain, I approached a road and saw a van speeding along. The driver did an emergency stop to allow me to cross the road in front of him! It might have helped that I was briskly waddling towards the maternity hospital..!
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