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If pregnancy were lke days of the week, Sarah would be on Wednesday!

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If pregnancy were like days of the week I would be on Wednesday. Monday would be the first 10 weeks, the whole thing is a bit of a daze. You're not sure if you're coming or going and it's only halfway through that you even realise you're there and you have no idea how you even got there in the first place. Tuesday is the next 8 weeks, and it's horrific. Tuesday's you have to work hard and there's no end in sight. You're over the rush of the weekend and the surreal like Monday, yet you still feel tired and grumpy. The next weekend just seems to be so far away you can't imagine it and you're bogged down in a mountain of work with no one to help you. Then, suddenly, you're on Wednesday, this is me now. It's Hump Day, everything you've been doing suddenly fits into place and things start to look achievable. You've broken the back of the week and find a good rhythm. Thursday is for getting all the jobs done, everything you start on Monday and Tuesday starts to get wrapped up and you prepare for the weekend ahead. Friday is for doing the final odds and sods and finishing everything up then it's counting the hours till the weekend starts. I think Friday would be the last 4 weeks. Just waiting.. And although this is shortest part nothing goes slower than a Friday afternoon. Then it's Saturday, you think it's the jolly weekend but you wake up on a Saturday morning and realise you've got loads of stuff to do, like gym, shopping, cleaning etc. This is the giving birth part, and all I can do is pray I can get these jobs done in a day and it doesn't roll into my Saturday night and Strictly watching. Sunday - day of rest!

So that's what I think pregnancy is like. One huge long long week but at least I'm at Wednesday and it feels really good. I feel like I'm over the worst (she says, totally forgetting childbirth) and that I'm actually starting to enjoy myself. Up until a week ago if people asked if I liked being pregnant I would just reply, No! Partly to see the look of shock on their face but mostly because, No, I wasn't enjoying it. I was hating it in fact. However, now, I'm loving it. I'm starting to relate to those annoying people that told me it was the best part of their lives and they felt it was wonderful and I'm sure it's because the party in my tummy has ramped itself up a gear. It's like the baby has suddenly turned the music up a bit and has started to have a little dance. I feel the swoops and pops almost daily now, sometimes it's like someone's flicking me from inside my tummy and now I know what it is, I love feeling them. If I feel a slight twang somewhere deep inside me, I focus into it and desperately wait for another. It actually is a wonderful feeling and one I never thought I'd enjoy. I think baby is enjoying itself too. It's decided to turn off the waterworks, for a little while at least. I've only cried 3 times this week, once watching a report on Syria, once watching Annie and the last watching Paul O'Gradys Love Of Dogs - all of which I would have cried at anyway so can be forgiven.

I say it's turned off the waterworks, it's only turned the waterworks off in the upper part of my body. In the lower half it's having a field day. I think that any rubbish it's creating at this party, or anything it's finding it doesn't like it's just shoving out of the place it's got easy access too. I feel a bit like I did when I first changed from a teenager to a women and I won't say too much, as people I know read this, but if I was on Twitter I would just write #yeasty.

Aside from that I've also lost the minimal control I had over my bladder. I reckon I change my pants about 3 or 4 times a day now. Some women really struggle with their bladders, and I'm one of them. It's hard enough on a normal day but god help me if I sneeze, cough or laugh. I cough and laugh quite a lot, I'm just grateful I don't get hayfever, but nowadays even the anticipation of laughing is enough for an accident. I know I should be doing my pelvic floor exercises but like with most exercise, I just forget. My midwife told me to do at least 40 a day and in a few months I should feel a change as the muscles get stronger. 40 a day! Has anyone actually done this? Does it work? Because it does seem like a lot of effort and it's not as easy as you think and if I'm doing 40 a day for 3 months and I still end up sitting in drenched knickers then I'll be pretty upset! In the meantime I've bitten the bullet and I've purchased my first pack of Tena Ladies. Except they aren't Tena Ladies, now that I shop in Aldi they are just cheap old Incontinence Pads which are clearly marked INCONTINENCE PADS on the pack. Oh the glamour! You'd think being pregnant that you wouldn't have to carry lumps of cotton wool around in your knickers but nope, they just get bigger. Like my boobs, like my belly, like my backside it's another thing that's just doubled up in size.

I think I'm pretty big now. I'm really struggling to fit into any clothes and if something fits in a morning it won't by the evening as my tummy gets bigger throughout the course of the day. It's so odd. I start the morning fairly normal, just a small bump, by the evening I'm massive, its huge. I've only got one item of clothing I can wear in the evening as its the only thing not uncomfortable and pressing on my ginormous bump. I stand, looking in the mirror, wondering at it and think "oh my god how big is this baby going to be" but the next morning it's back to being a small bump again. So strange.

So I've got myself some bra's and jeans from Mummy and Little Me which are so comfortable and found out that only 2 shops in Lincoln sell maternity wear so another cheap top and a dress and I'll dig out anything floaty from my wardrobe. Everything else is getting put away to be worn, who knows when!

So here I am, typing this blog, in my jogging bottoms that are normally a couple of sizes too big for me but are now comfortable, a big jumper, Aldis best Incontinence Pads in my first set of pants of the day and my huge boobs resting on my growing tummy and I'm actually grateful that I'm single and going it alone as I'm only fit to be seen by the dog. But, you know what, who cares? It's "Wednesday" and the "weekend" is in sight and I feel great!

Friday, 6 September 2013  |  2:32

you are amazing - thank-you for sharing your journey