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How to decorate your little one's room

Thursday, 12 June 2014  |  Admin



Decorating the baby nursery is so exciting and a serious stage of the "nesting" process that we all go through before finally bringing our new little bundle of joy home.


As with everything to do with having a baby there is so much choice and so many decisions to be made but creating the new baby nursery is so much fun. Walk away from the traditional pale pink room for girls, the pale blue for boys or the neutral pale yellow for the arrival of the "surprise" boy or girl. Decorate the baby nursery as you would any other room in your home, do it for you and your newborn, after all you're going to be spending a lot of time in the room too!

To keep things simple see the nursery as a blank canvas - paint it all white, yup all of the walls, the door, the window frames, shelves, chest of drawers and floor boards or put down a white or cream carpet or keep the floor boards neutral with natural warm wood if you are lucky enough to have them. Already just by doing this you have a sense of newness, freshness and a modern and contemporary room onto which you can then layer colour.



Colour is about being uplifting, creating positivity and energy in a room and it's also very appealing on the eye of a baby as they can see the contrasting rich and bold colours too from a fairly early stage of their lives. However, this comes with a word of caution don't go crazy with the colour just add it into the nursery in small and fun doses so that it's not a total headache and not too overwhelming for either you or your new born baba.

The easiest way to add the colour into the baby nursery is via accessories, such as these fab paper pom poms hung in clusters from the ceiling, criss-cross colourful or patterned bunting from the ceiling and above the cot, colourful or patterned lampshades. Place colourful cushions in the cot and line up colourful teddies and cuddly animals at the foot of the cot or on a shelf for your newborn to gaze and admire at as they start to see things more.

As for the cot, go white all the way unless you find a wonderful bright one and this is your "showpiece' in the nursery. Look for a fun and colourful nursing chair or again keep it white and brighten it up with patterned cushions. Place a large rug on the floor and again you can have fun with this too, think bold stripes, faux animal skins or Moroccan zig zags, as seen below or even add a large colourful rug as your "accent" colour piece of the room.

Finally, the curtains, make sure you add in that essential blackout blind or use blackout lining in the curtains and use them as another vehicle to add colour. If you are thinking animal printed curtains, how about bold coloured animals or just go for sophisticated but fun large florals, as can be seen below or statement stripes.

Enjoy creating your own and of course your baby's own enchanted and colourful world!








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