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Help need for potty training

Friday, 10 January 2014  |  Admin

Potty training, making new friends and a double figure week Jessica

So the potty training is not going well and I think Emilia is regressing, she did tell us when she was about to do a poo however she just doenst bother anymore, even with the speaking of "rewards" is not enticing her to go to the toilet so not sure if we should wait another couple of months, she starts pre school in 10 days so maybe they will encourage her, seeing peers go to the toilet might help?! Any tips would be helpful (bearing in mind we have just got new carpets?! and I have a 10 week old Jessica to negotiate along with the process)

With the new term starting all the baby and toddler groups are up and running and so Emilia and I have to start from scratch and make new friends in our new town. we have been to two groups so far and everyone seems friendly and helpful with tips on new groups we can try. It is hard to make new friends especially as we had made some really lovely friends whom we had seen grow over the past year. I'm sure it wont take long just daunting when you walk into a room and everyone knows everyone else. I have signed up to make my first cake at our new group so i'm sure I can make new friends that way.......with a Lemon Drizzle Cake!! :o)

I cant believe that Jessica is 10 weeks old, the time has gone by so quick and she is changing everyday and getting her own little personality. She LOVES smiling especially at Emilia which is lovely and Emilia really likes it a few years time they will be fighting no doubt so will enjoy the love between the two of them. Jessica also treated us to 9pm-3:15 feed then 3:30-6:45 this morning......long may that reign but I'm sure it was just a fluke. Just wish Mummy and Little me did a retreat for new mums.......could do with abit of R & R.....a nice massage would go down a treat!! ;o)