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Hello to our very own G.P. Runa

Thursday, 3 October 2013  |  Admin

My name is Runa and I am really excited to be working with Vicky and Alison, trying to create a perfectly balanced weekend to pamper and prepare mothers-to-be.

I have been a doctor for 14 years and a GP for 9 years – I have a varied working week, working in two very different practices in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, and have a particular interest in Women’s Health and Teaching. I also have two children aged 6 and 8, and despite being a busy working mum, I try to take an active role in their interests – my most recent ‘job’ being a music theory teacher to a group of 5 to 9 year olds in Grantham.

Having had two children of my own (both by Caesarean, for very different reasons – pre-eclampsia and prematurity) and having had the privilege of being part of so many peoples experiences of pregnancy and early parenthood, I have learnt that there is rarely a wrong way to do things, but many right ways. Many of my patients ask ‘Can I… ‘, ‘I’ve read that… what do you think?’, ‘My mum said….’ The answer really is about being fully informed of your options and then making a decision that you feel comfortable with.

Despite feeling strongly that the UK is lucky to have the NHS where excellent care is free for all, over the last few years resources have been stretched, and the standards of care are not quite what we are used to. New mothers are less prepared for their labour and feeding as there has been a decline in antenatal class provision in local hospital, and this has become apparent with the number of mothers attending the GP surgery in the first few weeks after having their baby. There are numerous private options cropping up – some look fabulous but unfortunately others appear to be a bit one-sided, and if there is one thing in life that cannot be predicted, it is what your own birth experience and early motherhood will be like. This is why the Mummy and Little Me have  designed a pregnancy retreat  to give you a balanced view of all that could happen, with the advantage of having a one-to-one with our Expert Midwife, Alison.

During my first pregnancy I had a fabulous Mother-to-be massage, so during my next pregnancy I booked a weekend at Champneys to have another. I booked it at 34 weeks, looking forward to it coinciding with my planned maternity leave. But, my daughter had other plans, and decided  she wanted to arrive before then (and so set a precedent for the rest of her life so far!) and I missed out on my pregnancy massage.

So, by booking a retreat you will learn, have a fabulous experience and relax…

If you have any questions about your pregnancy or motherhood, Alison and I will regularly answer questions posted to our blogs with Mummy and Little Me.