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Head Banging glass windows and embarassing children

Tuesday, 15 April 2014  |  Admin

Wow can't believe I have been writing this for forty weeks now. I am most impressed I still have a stable heartbeat and a full head of hair. (one of my biggest fears is going bald) That bottle of just for men is still in the cupboard unopened and only a few little greys have serviced since it all began a little over nine months ago. They say life begins at forty, so applying it to my own circumstances that might mean my girls will magically get themselves dressed in the morning and bring me up breakfast in bed along with the morning paper. (Yeah Right!!)

One of the things I have noticed lately that I find very annoying is why are the shopping bags always see through. I took Ruby to the shops with me one evening just to get out the house for a bit. Not a main shop just a few snacks for myself and the wife to share over a film a little later that evening. As I was walking home I got a few dodgy looks from passer bye's. It made me want to say ‘'just a few little treats here for our once a month unhealthy snack night'' just loud enough so they could hear.

It gives you the feeling of walking through a town centre naked and not being able to do a thing about it. So the next time I went I made sure I did my own packing and put all the veg and nice salad green things round the outside and hid the treats in the middle and left the shop with one huge grin. Seriously though I do not like see through bags. (how about you?)

We had some Nutella left over from pancake day and I let Poppy have some on toast one morning. Pops asked me if I would like a square I replied in a very hesitant fashion ‘'yes please darling'' shocked that she even was offering to share her chocolate with me.

When she came over to offer me a piece I looked at it and could only find traces of chocolate. On her way over Poppy decided to lick all the chocolate off and leave me just soggy bread. Poppy then started to giggle while running off saying to herself ‘'I have daddy's chocolate'' Thanks Poppy I will remember that one.

I took the girls to the cinema on the weekend out of town. We arrived a little early so decided to visit a local shop to pick up some snacks. I'm still outraged by the cost of food in cinemas I know it's wrong, but we all do it right? While we were in this particular shop poppy was dancing around near my feet then decided to run near the exit and in doing so ran straight into the window with a huge thud.

Silence for a few seconds just the sound of the window still shaking. Poppy turned around looked at me then started to cry. Sarah was the wicked mother in this and was trying hard not to laugh. I picked her up held Poppy close telling her it was alright. Just as we left I felt like complimenting them on their lovely windows as they were absolutely spotless. (this would never happen at my house)

Speaking of walking into windows my big brother Martin (other man in photo) did the very same thing once when we were on holiday as a family at Haven (you can’t beat those caravan holidays) when we were in the pool area an ice cream van turned up outside and he ran as fast as he could to que up, but forgot about the patio doors that had just been shut and whack! the enthusiasm quickly left his face and replaced by a look of shock as if Mike Tyson had just given him a right hook. (I can’t remember if he got an ice cream in the end)

Poppy accompanied Sarah to the doctors for her quarterly injection as we are not planning on having anymore children at present. Two is enough for me at the moment. While they were there Poppy was telling her Mum to be brave like she was and Mummy might get a sticker and a bravery award just like her a few weeks previous.

When they were leaving Poppy announced to a packed reception area ‘'Mummy just had an injection in her bum bum'' and leaving was one red faced Mummy with a limp and one giggling Poppy. (She really got one over on us both this week)

Until next time….

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