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Guest Blog From Katie the owner of the lovely Coco Bow Changing Bags

Thursday, 26 September 2013  | 

Coco Bow was designed by mum of two Katie. Katie wanted a changing bag that was both practical and fashionable. As a mum in her mid twenties she didn't want to lose her identity as a young woman but also wanted to embrace the excitement of motherhood. “I wanted high fashion colours, big pockets, space and most of all I wanted the bag to look like a handbag, so I could use it long after it was needed for my baby items”. After failing to find anything that met this criteria on the market Katie decided to design her own. “I was very unwell in pregnancy with pre-eclampsia which meant a long stay in hospital. To keep myself occupied I sat and designed changing bags”.

Katie’s first daughter was born prematurely and had to stay in special baby care. In order to stay positive Katie decided to have one of her designs produced to enjoy once she could bring her daughter home. “Many people stopped to look at my tiny baby, but also asked me where I got my beautiful bag from. I therefore took a leap of faith and decided to start producing the bag for other like minded mum’s”.

Coco Bow has proven to be a big hit with both parents and the Changing Bag Industry, winning a Gold Award from BizzieBaby their highest accolade, with one of the testers stating Coco Bow was the best changing bag she had ever had. Coco Bow was also shortlisted for The Junior Design Awards 2013 under the category of Best Changing Bag, and featured in Vogue Magazine. All this within 9 months of trading. If you want one of the best up and coming designer changing bags on the UK market then this is the bag for you.

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