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French bread and holidays

Wednesday, 6 August 2014  |  Admin

Holidays, birthdays and sleep

Just come back from 12 days in France seeing all our French/American family for a wedding it was so nice to see everyone and for our American relatives to meet Emilia and Jessica (and to meet there little people too). Family is so important and spending time with everyone makes you really appreciate how good life can be sometimes. Jess and Emilia adapted well to the "French style"....aka late nights, parties and beach time. Although I think Emilia is now catching up on her sleep as for the past 2 nights she has slept for 13.5 hours each night, if only the same could be said for Miss Jessica who has decided to revert back to almost newborn state whilst on holiday...waking every couple of hours, I have read they do this at about 8/9 months but would of been nice to get some good sleep.

Both girls were proper beach babes though and LOVED the water and sand.......Jessica very much enjoyed eating the sand and has a new love of French bread, she is also trying so desperately to crawl and it will only be a few more days until she is on the move so I am going to need lots of luck going in two after Emilia one after Jessica.

Emilia had her 3rd birthday in France and was thoroughly spoilt with parties and presents by all the relatives. She had such a lovely time and now gets to have ANOTHER party with all the English family and friends!! (I think she thinks she is a princess!!!!) Cant wait to celebrate some more for her, can not believe that she is now 3, she has grown up so quickly.

Sleep is very much an issue at the moment especially with Jessica, I really hope she grows out of this little stint soon as Matt and I are a little like zombies.....especially with being back at work now and working evenings its taking its toll.